What We're Reading: June 26, 2014



A chef in Canada is making local dirt-butter, taking terroir to the next level. [The Globe and Mail


Two Italian designers revolutionize recipe reading with tattoos. [NPR


Downward-facing Dogfish: Across the country, post-yoga beers find popularity. [NYT


A North Dakota town experiments with a barista-free coffee shop. [NY Daily News


Instant coffee finds a new market in China. [... Read more >

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What We're Reading: June 25, 2014


The story behind Wimbledon’s favorite cocktail, the Pimm’s Cup. [Food Politic]


Classic NYC restaurants face closure in the wake of huge rent hikes. [NYT]


The Broccoli Cleanse: cruciferous vegetables could be the key to detoxing the body. [NPR]


Public health advocates push for labeling energy drinks as a step towards safer consumption. [... Read more >

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What We're Eating


At JBF, when we’re not thinking about, writing about, or researching food, well, we're eating it. We tapped some of our staff members to see what ranked highest on our radars, and found ourselves with a little bit of a summer sweet tooth, sampling some superlative cake, panna cotta, and not one, but two types of ice cream.



"At a going-away party for a mutual friend, baker Katherine Yang of Gigi Blue (which is probably New York City's best-kept cake secret) brought over a stunning berry shortcake. It was a delicious combination of vanilla whipped cream and mixed berries, but the clincher was a vibrant stripe of ruby-red berry gelée between the cake layers. Not only was it unexpected and gorgeous, but it also brought the flavor of the fruit to another level. Yang will take orders and deliver within New York City. Order at ... Read more >

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What We're Reading: June 24, 2014



A ninth grader discovers that Truvia sweetener contains insecticides. [Food Beast

Think beyond pork: duck bacon sales are on the rise.​ [Food Republic


Woman raises the bar on birthday baking with a homemade pizza cake. [ABC


A Velveeta recall leads to liquid gold shortage. [NBC]  


Kentucky community raises thousands of dollars for injured local chef.  [Today] ... Read more >

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What We're Reading: June 23, 2014



New state legislation weighs definition of Tennessee Whiskey. [NPR


Lovers of profanity mourn the end of Kitchen Nightmares. [Eater


POTUS announces a plan to save the honey bees. [CNN


IBM's supercomputer Watson teams up with the Institute of Culinary Education to see if computers can cook. [National Geographic


Wasted school lunches find a happy ending in Staten Island. [... Read more >

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Cracking the Gastro Ceiling: Women in Culinary Leadership Grantee Eliza Martin

Martin with chef Amado Lopez of Vermilion in Chicago at the Housewares Charity event in March 2014. Martin credits Lopez with everything she has learned in the back of the house. “He is an incredible and patient chef. I wouldn’t say he’s like a dad, but he’s like a really cool uncle!”



Eliza Martin was working on the floor during a lunch shift when her training was put to the test. “The manager had left without giving notice,” she recalls, recounting how she stepped in to temporarily fill the position at the Chicago outpost of Vermilion until a manager from the restaurant’s New York City outpost arrived two days later.  


At the time, Martin was several months into her Women in Culinary Leadership apprenticeship. She had been training to manage the floor, and this was her opportunity to actually do it. “It was our busiest weekend of the year,” recalls Rohini... Read more >

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Happy Hour: Mr. Beard's Citrus Cooler

Mr. Beard's Citrus Cooler


It’s Friday afternoon, which means you officially made it through another week! Celebrate this weekend's Summer Solstice with our latest Happy Hour cocktail, Mr. Beard’s Citrus Cooler. This recipe comes care of Beard House staff member Victoria Jordan-Rodriguez, who has been making a version of the drink every summer for years. “The base is strong,” she explained, “but the Perrier really lightens it up. And if you don’t add the soda water, the base can be made in the morning and marinate until you want to drink it. Mr. Beard didn’t make this recipe, but I like to think that he would have enjoyed it!"


We sampled Victoria’s refreshing cocktail this past week at the launch party for JBF’s Taste America®, where it was a hit with the All-Star chefs and guests alike. It’s the perfect balance of acidity and sweetness, so mix up an entire pitcher’s worth. Tomorrow... Read more >

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What We're Reading: June 20, 2014

Dulce de Leche


The Uruguayan soccer team's performance is suffering due to lack of dulce de leche. [NPR


Was your goat’s milk from Whole Foods was milked by an inmate? [The Atlantic


The U.S. government asks Europe to ease restrictions on genetically-altered food. [NYT


A new Swedish study links summer cookout foods to heart disease. [NBC


Can working in a restaurant make you a nicer pe... Read more >

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On the Menu: Week of June 22

Wine glasses at the James Beard House


Monday, June 23, 7:00 P.M 
French-Italian Fête 
The Relais & Châteaux–listed Menton, named after the French seaside town near the Italian border, lives up to its namesake with a menu of exquisitely passionate dishes from chef Scott Jones, who rose through the ranks of Barbara Lynch’s restaurants to take on this new role at Menton earlier this year.


Tuesday, June 24, 12:00 P.M 
Enlightened Eaters 
Loaded with 150 chef-created recipes, Brendan Brazier’s Thrive Energy Cookbookillustrates that good nutrition and mouth-watering appeal are not mutually exclusive. With a focus on vegetables and a dedication to allergen-free and gluten-free options, this tantalizing collection of recipes proves that nutrient-dense dishes are easy to create and even more satisfying to enjoy.... Read more >

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Throwback Thursday: Bobby Flay at the Beard House


In this week’s Throwback Thursday, we look at the very first JBF Greens event, held way back on February 15, 1996. The dinner, titled Mediterranean Magic, showcased the talents of Stephen Kalt, Matthew Kenney, Mario Batali, and none other than this year’s Chefs & Champagne guest of honor, Bobby Flay. The menu remains surprisingly relevant, featuring dishes like chickpea pancakes and squid-ink pasta. In 1996, chef Flay was the “desperado of cocina espagnole at his hotter-than-hot Bolo.” Today, almost twenty years later, he’s still receiving rave reviews at his newest hit restaurant, Gato. Read on for the full menu for Mediterranean Magic, and see Flay’s acclaimed cooking in action at Chefs & Champagne on July 26!



Mediterranean Magic


Mario Batali... Read more >

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