Throwback Thursday: Interesting Ice Cream at the Beard House

Blue Berry Ice Cream


From celery sorbet to Thai basil ice cream, unusual frozen treats are all the rage at upcoming Beard House events. In his Spring 1996 Beard House Magazine article, “I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for… Crab Ice Cream?”, former JBF associate editor Adam Rapoport, whom we all now know as Bon Appétit's editor-in-chief, reported on a similar phenomena. Check out some of the funky flavors that appeared at Beard House dinners in 1996, then continue reading for a preview of the innovative ice creams at our upcoming events.




Survey the variety of ice creams recently served at the Beard House, a... Read more >

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Ask a Chef: Mike Isabella's Culinary Travel Inspiration


For our travel issue of JBF Notes, we asked top toques about their favorite international locales for culinary inspiration. Below, chef Mike Isabella of Kapnos, Graffiato, and G Sandwich in Washington, D.C., shares his picks for Lima, Peru:


Some of the vegetables and seafood in Peru are unlike anything you can get anywhere else in the world. It's so fresh and unique.


Chef Gaston Acurio's La Mar is a really special place. Gaston is one of the most talented chefs in the world, and La Mar was so successful in Lima he opened locations in New York and San Francisco. Memorable dishes include the sea urchin ceviche and the black clam ceviche.


Ayacucho for the coy (guinea pig). Trying it is a really unique experience. It's marinated, then deep-fried for twenty minutes. It's flavorful and falls off the bone. 

 ... Read more >

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What We're Reading: July 10, 2014



Extremely expensive grapes are given as wedding gifts in Japan. [Food Beast


The science behind taste-altering foods. [Wired


Pilot initiates pizza party for passengers on a grounded plane. [Huffington Post


The latest in croissant cross-breeding: the Crupcake. [ABC


Fortune fabrication: the process of making the all-knowing cookie. [Food Republic


Forget Pinkberry: Frobot is the fro-yo... Read more >

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Ask a Chef: Where to Eat in Hong Kong

For our travel issue of JBF Notes, we asked top toques about their favorite international locales for culinary inspiration. Below, 2014 JBF Outstanding Pastry Chef award winner Dominique Ansel shares his picks for Hong Kong:


Lamma Island (photo by Andy Enero)



Taking a little ferry from Hong Kong to Lamma Island for seafood was an unforgettable experience. Something as simple as shrimp was so sweet and tender and worked perfectly with sliced fresh chiles and soy sauce. And don’t forget to try the mantis prawn, or “pissing shrimp,” which comes with a mountain of fried garlic.


Dim Sum

Whether you try one of the aged institutions like Lin Heung Tea House, choose a crowd favorite like Maxim’s City Hall, or go for the fine-dining Michelin star–rated dim sum in the Four Seasons’ Lung King Heen, I really believe that trying fresh-made dim sum can be such an inspiration. Every littl... Read more >

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Test Your Eat-Q: Travel Edition

Heading to any of these international destinations this summer? Match each one to the dish you shouldn’t miss there:




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Ask a Chef: Where to Eat in San Sebastián, Spain

For our travel issue of JBF Notes, we asked top toques about their favorite international locales for culinary inspiration. Below, chef Bryce Shuman and GM Eamon Rockey of the 2014 JBF Award–nominated Betony share their picks for San Sebastián, Spain:


Bar Zeruko (photo by Anders Lanzen)


San Sebastián’s gastronomic community resonates with a strong sense of pride in regional Basque culinary tradition, from their pintxo bars to some of the world’s most famous food destinations. Don’t miss:


Bar Zeruko for the amazing array of highly progressive tapas.


The market under the Plaza de la Brecha for the city’s finest selection of produce and seafood.


Gran Paladar for the best olives and cured meat in the city. (The family who owns it is the archetype for the city: passionate, kind, hospitable, and warm!)

 ... Read more >

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What We're Reading: July 9, 2014


Crumbs Cupcakes shutters all of its stores as the company teeters on the edge of bankruptcy. [HuffPo]


Could a little-known Moroccan fig liquor be the next Smirnoff? [NPR


New studies call the supposed benefits of fish oil into question. [Live Science


Louisiana spent nearly $1.3 million on food stamps for deceased individuals. [The Times-Picayune

 ... Read more >

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Wine Wisdom: Add These Regions Less Traveled to Your Bucket List


Fresh off the Barn at Blackberry Farm’s win of the 2014 JBF Award for Outstanding Wine Program, Andy Chabot, the restaurant’s food and beverage director, tells us about his favorite less-traveled wine regions. 


Paso Robles, California
I imagine that Paso Robles is what Napa was like in the ’70s: farm country, plenty of incredible wines, and friendly winemakers who open their doors to visitors. A nice bonus is that local restaurants sell many of the area’s hard-to-find wines.


Chablis, France 
A quick trip from Paris, this is a fantastic region for white-wine lovers. It’s not overly touristy, and there are some very fun restaurants and hotels with great wines. All seven of the Grand Cru vineyards of Chablis sit together in a bowl like an amphitheater. 


Tokaj, Hungary
The traditional Aszu Tokaji wines from this region in northeastern 
Hungary are among the world’s finest dessert wines, but t... Read more >

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JBF in the News: Kris Moon Talks Chefs & Champagne®

Chefs & Champagne


Over the long weekend, JBF's Kris Moon appeared on Fresh 102.7 to discuss Chefs & Champagne®, our upcoming fundraiser in the Hamptons featuring guest of honor Bobby Flay. Kris also touched upon the JBF Scholarship Program, the 2014 JBF Food Conference, James Beard Foundation's Taste America®, and more. Listen to the full interview here.

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Ask a Chef: Where to Eat in Lima, Peru

For our travel issue of JBF Notes, we asked top toques about their favorite international locales for culinary inspiration. Below, JBF Award winner Rick Bayless shares his picks for Lima, Peru:




“Lima has all the right components to be a world-class food city: a rich history, incredible ingredients, and ambitious chefs.”


Malabar is a great example of modern Peruvian cooking—if you plunked this place down in New York, it’d be the most popular restaurant in town.


El Chinito and La Lucha are two great spots for one of Peru’s quintessential eats: the pork sandguches (sandwiches).


If you can get there during Mistura, the huge food festival, you’re in for a fine time. When I was there I fell in love with the chancho en palo (boned-out pigs roasted over huge fires), the sparkling ceviches,... Read more >

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