Paul Kahan: Favorite Awards Moment

JBF Award Winner Paul Kahan (one of tonight's Gala Reception chefs) told us about one of his fondest Awards memories:
“My favorite moment was standing behind André Soltner in line in a run-through of the ceremony. That year, I also enjoyed cooking 1,000 orders of sweetbreads in a hallway on cassette burners.”

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Tre Wilcox: Life Lessons Learned in the Kitchen


The life lessons that Gala Reception chef Tre Wilcox has learned in the kitchen:


"Don’t run out of patience. Always take the high road, and stay humble.”

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America's Classics: The Fry Bread House, Phoenix

We've arrived at the last 2012 America's Classic award-winning restaurant: The Fry Bread House in Phoenix! Learn what they're all about in the video below:


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Award Winner Recap

Here's the next batch of Award winners:
  • Best Chef: Northwest: Matt Dillon, Sitka & Spruce, Seattle
  • Best Chef: Pacific: Matt Molina, Osteria Mozza, Los Angeles
  • Best Chef: Northeast: Tim Cushman, O Ya, Boston
  • Best Chef: South: Chris Hastings, Hot and Hot Fish Club, Birmingham, AL
  • America’s Classics: Jones B-B-Q Diner, Mariana, AR
  • Best Chef: Southeast: (tie) Hugh Acheson, Five and Ten, Athens, GA, AND Linton Hopkins, Restaurant Eugene, Atlanta
  • Best Chef: Southwest: Paul Qui, Uchiko, Austin, TX
  • Humanitarian of the Year: Charlie Trotter
  • America’s Classics: Shady Glen, Manchester, CT

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What Would You Cook for James Beard? Part III


What would you make for James Beard if you had him over for dinner? Here are the dishes two of our gala reception chefs would cook for JB if they had the chance:


Nora Pouillon, Restaurant Nora, Washington, D.C.
“I learned how to cook American food by reading James Beard’s books. He had a weakness for braises and ragoûts, as well as regional food and fruit desserts, so I’d translate that into a Hungarian goulash with gnocchi followed by a Viennese-style apple strudel.”


JBF Award Winner Jimmy Schmidt, Morgan’s in the Desert at La Quinta Resort & Club, La Quinta, CA
“To start, a real absinthe martini, which he loved and drank when I first met him in New York. A first course of oysters poached in a Champagne sauce, which he ate endlessly at the London chop house in Detroit, followed by a roasted saddle of lamb with a ragoût of lentils. Dessert would be twisted s’mores: marshmallow ice cream, chocolate ganache, and cinnamon tuiles.”... Read more >

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Tie for Best Chef Southeast: Hugh Acheson and Linton Hopkins


Our Best Chef: Southeast Award is a tie! The awards go to: 

Hugh Acheson
Five and Ten, Athens, GA
This is Hugh’s second win this weekend. The first was at Friday’s awards dinner for his book, A New Turn in the South. If he had the chance to host James Beard for dinner, Hugh would serve shad roe with bacon and capers over grits. 
Linton Hopkins
Restaurant Eugene, Atlanta
This is Linton Hopkins’s first James Beard Award. The Atlanta native first read about James Beard while browsing through his grandfather’s library as a young boy, and we hear that he plays a mean banjo.

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America's Classics: Shady Glen, Manchester, CT

Here's another 2012 America's Classic inductee: Shady Glen of Manchester, Connecticut:


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Best Chef Southwest: Paul Qui


The award for Best Chef: Southwest goes to:


Paul Qui
Uchiko, Austin, TX


This is the second year in a row that an Austin chef has taken home the JBF Award for this region. Twenty-five years from now, Paul hopes to be eating his way around the world. 

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Best Chef South: Chris Hastings



Chris Hastings

Hot and Hot Fish Club, Birmingham, AL
Chris is only the second chef from Birmingham to take home a JBF Award. Chris was 12 when his mother first introduced him to James Beard’s American Cookery, and the rest is history. 

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Humanitarian of the Year: Charlie Trotter

Since he established the Charlie Trotter Culinary Education Foundation in 1999, Charlie Trotter has worked hard to encourage and support the pursuit of culinary education for students in the Chicago area. Watch a short video about his philanthropy below.


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