On the Menu: Week of July 29


Here's what's happening at the Beard House next week:


Monday, July 30, 7:00 P.M.

Fine Food, Wine, and Friendship

Enjoy an exceptional wine lovers’ dining experience when longtime friends join forces at the Beard House. Roy’s alum Jerry Weihbrecht of Zoës Steak & Seafood in Virginia Beach has crafted a menu of globally inflected American cuisine that will perfectly complement the boutique offerings of winemaker Ron Nicholsen of the prestigious Kelham Vineyards in Napa.


Tuesday, July 31, 7:00 P.M.

Taste of Grande Lakes

Set at the headwaters of the Everglades, Grande Lakes Orlando is one of Florida’s most sought-after destinations, offering guests an exquisite setting along with incomparable amenities. Experience a taste of this ultra chic getaway when the est... Read more >

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Tastebud: Foraging from State to State


At one of our recent sustainability salons, we gained new insight into restrictions that farmers, chefs, and suppliers face when it comes to foraged food. Foraging regulations shift from state to state, creating gaps in access to local resources. In South Carolina, for example, wild mushroom regulations are more strict than in other parts of the country. While the FDA simply requires that wild mushrooms are to be inspected and approved by identification experts in order to qualify as commodities in the marketplace, South Carolina restricts any mushrooms harvested in the wild from being sold as merchandise or served in restaurants. For some members of the local community, this is a troubling waste of natural resources.... Read more >

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Recipe: Lobster Buns with Shiso Pesto


In the minds of lobster roll aficionados, a perfectly toasted hot dog bun is the undisputed vessel for buttered or mayo-dressed crustacean. But New York City's Simpson Wong challenged this presumption at last weekend's Chefs & Champagne, where he nestled lobster meat in Chinese bao buns—the ones you've seen at dim sum brunches or hugging pork belly at Momofuku. Wong fries each bun for only a couple minutes, enough time to crisp the exterior while preserving its inner fluff. Building on this Asian spin, he tosses his lobster in a garlicky, shiso-based pesto that's juiced up with fish sauce and bird's-eye chili.


Watch out, hot dog buns. Get the recipe here.

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The Bookshelf: Foraged Flavor

Would-be foragers out there should know about this exciting new book, Foraged Flavor: Finding Fabulous Ingredients in Your Backyard or Farmer’s Market, by Tama Matsuoka Wong, the forager for Daniel Boulud’s Daniel, and Eddy Leroux, the restaurant’s chef de cuisine. We asked Tama about some of the top foraged ingredients available at this time of year and how best to prepare them. Look for her five picks (below) in your backyard, especially in vegetable or garden beds, or ask for them at your local farmers’ market.




When plucked from the wild, the texture and flavor of this plant’s leaves are nothing like that of the packaged shiso you’ve seen at the grocery store. Try it in Shiso Tenderloin Beef Skewers.



This popu... Read more >

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JBF Partners with Flavour Gallery for Tasty Tees


Our forté has been and will always be food, but lately we've been dabbling in other trades. Earlier this year we released our first book, and now we're unveiling our first clothing line. Thanks to our new partnership with Flavour Gallery, a food-themed attire company, now anyone can show their love for JBF by donning one of their "JBF Collection" t-shirts. Styles are available for men, women, and even children, and a percentage of every purchase will be donated to JBF. Browse and buy here

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Recipe: Lomo-Wrapped Shrimp with Grilled Bread, Pistou, and Smoked Paprika Vinaigrette


Sure, bacon-wrapped shrimp is tasty, but the finger food's dated status precludes us from ever preparing it for guests, lest they be reminded of hairspray-shellacked 'dos and other '80s trappings that are best forgotten.


Thankfully, chef John Taus of the Corner in Philadelphia has pulled this combination back into the present: he retires the bacon in exchange for tissue-thin slices of lomo embuchado, a dry-cured pork tenderloin from Spain. A parsley-based pistou and fiery paprika vinaigrette round out this elegant, Mediterranean-inspired update.


Get the recipe here.  

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