9 (More) Fall Food Trends at the Beard House


Want to know what’s cooking in American restaurants right now? Look no further than the James Beard House kitchen, where dozens of chefs from all over the country come to cook each month. Our last dispatch had the trends of early fall: deli fare, egg yolks, and lardo, to name a few—and as we transition from fall to winter, the cooking is getting heartier, and chefs are reimagining familiar items from ice cream sundaes to bacon. Read on to see what’s popping up on our November and December Beard House menus.

1) Duck, Duck…Duck

“Duck is an elegant and versatile protein,” says Izabela Wojcik, director of James Beard House programming. And as the holidays approach, chefs are getting their duck on. “Not just the expected breast or leg confit,” says Wojcik, “but an exciting and creative range that includes a duck sundae with duck f... Read more >

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Awards Watch: So You Want to Enter the JBF Book Awards

Dave Arnold and Sean Brock at the 2015 JBF Book, Broadcast & Journalism Awards


So you’ve written a cookbook and now you want to enter the James Beard Foundation's annual Book AwardsWith more than ten award categories in the mix, where should you enter your prized work? Should a cookbook that’s all about smoothies be entered in the Single Subject category or in the Beverage category? Does an ice cream sandwich cookbook belong in Baking & Desserts or Single Subject? What about a book that surveys Cuban food in Miami? 


This year the Book Awards subcommittee is offering guidance on which category is best for authors and publishers. We hope the descriptions below will help you determine which category is right for your book. ... Read more >

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Ask a Chef: November Beard House Toques Share their Most Memorable Meals


As we bundle up and brace for the dropping temperatures, there's practically nothing we enjoy more than warming ourselves from the outside in by feasting on autumn's colorful bounty. With the frost setting in, we welcome a formidable roster of culinary talent to the Beard House. Highlighting cuisines and techniques from across the globe, these top toques bring tastes of Arizona, the Bay Area, Chicago, and the U.K. (just to name a few) to the Big Apple. 


We asked our November guest chefs to share an unforgettable meal from recent memory. While their responses ran the gamut from a high-end, white tablecloth dining experience all the way to an improvised, foraged dinner, it's evident that tasty food, excellent drinks, and close friends and family were the common thread. Read on to see what kind of mouthwatering meals these culinary authorities conjur... Read more >

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Eat This Word: Mandaquat


WHAT? Maybe you've heard of pluots and tangelos, or maybe you've even tried a cross-bred fruit or two. But regardless of your hybrid fruit knowledge, we think you should get to know the mandaquat. A cross between a mandarin orange and a kumquat, you’ll love eating it as much as we love saying it. Originating in the citrus groves of Southern California, the mandaquat was through the agricultural technique of cross-pollination, where the pollen from one flower is transferred to another. Combining the sweetness of the mandarin orange with the tartness of the kumquat, the mandaquat provides a unique flavor profile that explodes on the tongue with a citrusy tang. The mandaquat is rather rare, and seldom appears on restaurant menus. It’s easiest to find in farmers’ markets around Southern California, where it’s most commonly grown and becoming increasingly popular. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on these small golden fruits, the mandaquat can be easily utilized in both sweet and savory dishes... Read more >

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Eye Candy: Gnocchi with Maine Lobster and Uni Butter


When JBF Board Chair (and acclaimed pastry chef) Emily Luchetti visits the Beard House, it’s usually for an important meeting. But recently, the multiple JBF Award winner stopped by to cook up a fantastic collaborative feast. Along with chef Jennifer Puccio and their talented colleagues from the San Francisco–based Big Night Restaurant Group, this dynamite team of chefs grew ever stronger as fellow JBF Award winner Jonathan Waxman, joined the roster for a powerhouse meal from start to finish. 


Beginning with a trio of oysters that were baked, grilled, and raw, the chefs continued the seafood saga with beet pancakes with... Read more >

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Why Beard House Chef Michael Fiorelli Wants to Have Dinner With Eric Ripert

Photo by Andrea Bricco


As the driving force behind his Manhattan Beach–based restaurant, Love & Salt, chef Michael Fiorelli exudes California cool with respectable seriousness when it comes to cooking classic Italian cuisine. Fiorelli was in New York City last month for his James Beard dinner, and we chatted with the acclaimed chef about his favorite restaurant in the city, what he thinks the Big Apple is missing, and why he wants to grab dinner with Eric Ripert... Read more >

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Sponsored Post: Donnie Madia, Restaurateur, JBF Award Winner, and Mariano’s Tastemaker


When Donnie Madia took to the podium to accept the 2015 James Beard Award for Outstanding Restaurateur, he spoke of 1999, when he was about to open Blackbird and was one of four young guys who just wanted to “open 67 seats and do something special in Chicago.”


Many years later, Madia now oversees the eight concepts (including a James Beard Award–winning cocktail bar) that comprise One Off Hospitality. Even with all of that growth and success, we have a hunch that Donnie still knows the exact number of seats he’s managing.


Donnie’s leadership skills, eye for style, and instincts for Chicagoans’ tastes have helped him clinch his status as one of the most respected restaurateurs in the country. He also gets an assist from... Read more >

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Into the Fire: Giada De Laurentiis on Her Las Vegas Gamble and How She Came Out Smokin'


Emmy Award–winning chef Giada De Laurentiis is known for many things: her celebrated Food Network shows, elegant California-inflected Italian cooking, and contagious smile, among them. Now with an eponymous Las Vegas restaurant under her belt, the petite powerhouse’s brand continues to grow ever more fierce—and New York City diners will be treated to an evening of Sin City decadence when the celebrity chef brings her iconic fare to the Beard House at the end of this month. In anticipation, senior editor Elena North-Kelly caught up with De Laurentiis about her favorite recipes, biggest on-screen disasters, how she overcame her greatest personal and professional hurdles, and more.


JBF: What inspired the menu for your upcoming Beard House dinner? Are there any particular dishes that you’re most excite... Read more >

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Eat This Word: Angelica


WHAT? The "heavenly" herb. Native to northern Europe and Syria, and now grown in the damp meadows of Central Europe, America, and Asia, sweet angelica is a member of the parsley family. The tall, leafy plant has a hollow stem and grows as high as nine feet. In dessert and pastry making, the pale green, celery-like stalks may be candied (which turns them a neon green) and used as decorations. The roots and seeds are used to flavor sweet wines and liqueurs such as Benedictine and Chartreuse. But the monks were not the first to be convinced of angelica's divine powers. It is said that the Archangel Raphael revealed to a pious hermit that the "herb of the angels" was a remedy against the plague.

WHERE? Lenox Luxe


WHEN? Tuesday, November 10, 2015

 ... Read more >

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Happy Hour: Cane & Table's Tiki Cocktail


Get ready to unwind for the weekend with Absent Stars, a whimsical, tropical cocktail from New Orleans mixologist Nick Detrich. Detrich breathes new life into the popular 20th century tiki movement at his Crescent City restaurant and bar, Cane & Table, a semifinalist for our 2015 JBF Outstanding Bar Program award. Serving up bites and beverages that hint at the transfer of spices, sugar, and rum between island nations and the rest of the world, Cane & Table honors the influence of Caribbean cuisine and culture in New Orleans. 


With his Absent Stars creation, Detrich revamps a classic tiki drink by highlighting the bold white grapefruit notes and tart pass... Read more >

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