Ice Cream, Sorbet, and Gelato Recipes

Grand Marnier–blueberry ice cream

Keep cool this summer with some of our favorite frozen treats. (But let's be honest, we'd lick up these delectable delights any season of the year.) Lemon Verbena Ice Cream This flavorful recipe from Ben Batterbury combines the bright, aromatic zip of lemon verbena with the lusciously thick texture of frozen custard. Cool and creamy, it strikes a perfect balance between refreshment and indulgence. Champagne Sorbet Celebrate summer with this light and tasty favorite of James Beard. Orange juice and zest give the sorbet a sweet, citrusy punch.

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Sodexo's Recipes for a Better Tomorrow Contest

Chef contestantsChef contestants in the Sodexo Recipes for a Better Tomorrow competition

As one of the largest foodservice companies in the world and one of the Founding Partners of the James Beard Foundation Annual Food Conference, Sodexo is committed to finding ways to maintain the high quality and nutrition of the 50,000,000-plus meals the corporation’s 15,000 chefs prepare daily. To that end, this May the James Beard Foundation hosted the final cook-off and judging for their Recipes for a Better Tomorrow culinary competition. The Beard House welcomed five finalists from the U.S. and Canada representing five divisions of Sodexo North America. We were joined by Sodexo’s culinary leadership within Sodexo and guest chefs like Sodexo’s Matthew Weingarten, chef of Manhattan’s Inside Park, and Barton Seaver, chef/owner of DC’s Hook and author o

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Recipe: Chilled Sorrel Soup with Jonah Crab Salad and Jerusalem Artichokes

chilled sorrel soup

Somewhere among the cascading sea of leafy greens and jewel-bright berries at your local farmers' market, you'll find sorrel, an herb that livens up soups and salads with its characteristic sour flavor. Michael Lomonaco purées sorrel with tender Jerusalem artichokes to make a creamy, chilled soup that pairs beautifully with a sweet-and-spicy crab salad. Get the recipe here.

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Eat this Word: Fennel Pollen

fennel pollen WHAT? Obscure no more. Once a little known spice used by Tuscans on meat or in soups and stews, fennel pollen was introduced to an American audience by food writer Faith Willinger, an American who has lived in Italy for nearly a quarter of a century. In the 1990s she brought American chefs like Mario Batali to a butcher shop in Panzano, Chianti, owned by Dario Cecchini, who sells specialty products of the area, including fennel pollen. The flowers of the blossoming wild fennel plant are coated in a mass of yellow pollen and, when shaken loose, the powdery condiment imparts a sweet fennel flavor and aromatic flowery scent. Batali was quick to incorporate the spice in his repertoire. As he explained to us a few years ago, "You sprinkle a tiny dusting on something hot, and it gives you this heady fennel perfume. It's amazing." WHERE? Sustainable New England at the J

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On the Menu: June 18 through June 23

Beard House Check out what's happening at the Beard House next week! Saturday, June 18, 7:00 P.M. Franco-Vietnamese Cuisine Last year downtown darling David Chang opened Má Pêche, bringing his popular brand of cuisine up to Midtown’s power lunch crowd. With chef/partner Tien Ho in charge of its bold France-meets-Vietnam menu, this restaurant is now a hot destination for the corporate set and in-the-know diners alike. Monday, June 20, 7:00 P.M. Sud de France Mediterranean Feast Aided by the gentle Mediterranean climate, the millennia-old winemaking of the Languedoc-Roussillon

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James Beard-Themed Walking Tours of Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon"Portland at that time was a rich city with magnificent houses and a tightly knit society composed largely of New Englanders, English and Scots. As the center of the shipping, lumber and fishing industries, it had the raw vitality that characterized large port cities of the era...Meier & Frank had become established as one of the great stores on the West Coast, and a luxury loving public enjoyed a continuous interchange with the East Coast and Europe. Good food abounded.” ―James Beard, Delights & Prejudices That’s how James Beard described his native city, circa 1896, the year his mother, Mary Elizabeth, opened the boarding house in which young Jim grew up. Fast forward a century and then some, add a few tattoos and some plaid shirts, and Portland, Oregon, is still a rich city where good food abounds. Robert Reynolds, a renowned chef and cooking teacher, is showing off Beard’s Portland. As Reynolds

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