Eye Candy: Glorious Heirlooms

vegetables Portioned heirloom vegetables sit on a sheet pan before being plated as simple summer salads with garnishes of herbs and goat's-milk curd. The dish appeared on a Beard House menu prepared by the Aussie celebrity chef Adrian Richardson. Have a look at more photos here.

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Recipe: Chilled Plum Soup with Green Grape Sorbet, Horchata Gelée, and Crispy Rice Clusters

Recipe for Chilled Plum Soup with Green Grape Sorbet, Horchata Gelée, and Crispy Rice Clusters from the James Beard Foundation This striking plum soup from Aureole's Jennifer Yee showcases an array of contrasting flavors and textures. If you make the sorbet and gelée ahead of time, the dessert becomes a completely feasible finale for your next dinner party.

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Eat this Word: Puntarelle

puntarelleWHAT? Wild greens. Until very recently, this unusual ancient Roman vegetable, a relative of chicory, was available only in Italy. And even there it was known only in select geographic pockets. But now that puntarelle is being grown in the United States, chefs are rapidly incorporating it into their Mediterranean-inspired menus, noted New York Times reporter Paula Disbrowe. The unwieldy puntarelle grows in bunches that look like a cross between celery and dandelion greens. Along the long fleshy central core of each stem grow rows of short, pointy, triangular leaves. The whole thing, stem, core, leaves, and all, is eaten raw, usually in salads. Puntarelle has a delicate, peppery flavor, similar to arugula but greener tasting, and a refreshing crispness. In Rome, it is traditionally served with an anchovy sauce. WHERE? Christian Caiazzo's Beard House din

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On the Menu: HARVEST: Wine Auction & Celebration of Long Island's East End

Wine Corks With summer officially ending in a matter of hours, celebrations of fall's harvest are quickly approaching. To wit: Wine Spectator magazine is presenting Harvest: Wine Auction & Celebration of Long Island's East End on September 24 and 25. (That's this Friday and Saturday!) The two-day oenophilic event will take place at Wölffer Estate Vineyard (our perennial hosts to JBF's Chefs & Champagne) and other wineries throughout the Twin Forks, and will feature tastings, seminars, and a live auction of Long Island bottles. Visit the festival's official website to learn more about the activities, reserve tickets, and view a list of participating wineries.

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Recipe: Gnocchi with Rabbit and Golden Ale Ragoût

A recipe for Gnocchi with Rabbit and Golden Ale Ragoût from the James Beard Foundation For this appealing gnocchi recipe, Aussie Adrian Richardson braises rabbit in ale until it’s fall-apart tender. “I love rabbit and beer,” he says. “What better than to bring the two together?”

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Test Your Eat-Q: Harvest Festivals

Harvest festival trivia from the James Beard Foundation Each fall cultures from all over the globe celebrate the harvest. Think you know something about these international traditions? Take a stab at this question: Which of these foods is most closely associated with the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival?
A.  Shumai B.  Preserved jellyfish C.  Scallion pancakes D.  Moon cakes
Click here to check out our full harvest festival quiz!

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