Recipe: Pork Rillettes

Pop quiz: what's the difference between rillettes and pâté? It's a blurry line: pâté is a mixture of ground meat and fat blended into a silky, spreadable paste, while the texture of rillettes is often decidedly more rustic. Some sources claim that rillettes are a "poor man's pâté" since it's crafted from cheaper cuts. Semantics aside, there's nothing unfortunate about this recipe for unctuous pork rillettes from James John Café in Portland.

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February's Best Recipes

Recipe for butternut squash soup with pumpkin seed mousseButternut squash soup with pumpkin seed mousse

Here are our recipe tester’s favorite recipes from the past month: Rodolfo Contreras's Butternut Squash Soup with Pumpkin Seed Mousse This soup is a luxurious but simple way to enjoy a seasonal staple. Gerald Hirigoyen's Braised Veal Cheeks Scented with star anise and orange, this elegant braise is a wonderful dish for sharing. Michael Schwartz's Meyer Lemon Pudding Cake

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On the Menu: February 27 through March 5

The James Beard House Here’s what’s happening at the Beard House next week: Sunday, February 27, 12:00 P.M. Baker's Brunch Nationally lauded dough master Joanne Chang has proven her baking chops with a sticky-bun Throwdown challenge win against Bobby Flay. This month she’s joining us at the Beard House for a sweet and savory brunch celebration of her new cookbook, aptly named Flour after her three successful Boston-area shops. Monday, February 28, 6:30 P.M. The James Beard Foundation Greens: Blending at Brooklyn Winery Join JBF Greens and the gentlemen from the Noble Rot at Brooklyn Winery for a hands-on wine experience that explores the intricacies of blending wine. You’ll leave with a better understan

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On the Menu: Lincoln

Jonathan Benno For New York City–based food lovers, one of last year's biggest openings was Jonathan Benno’s long awaited restaurant, Lincoln. Now we're only days away from one of this season's most anticipated Beard House dinners, where the Thomas Keller protégé and former Per Se chef de cuisine will give us a taste of his meticulously crafted, contemporary Italian fare. Take a look at the menu below, and click here to learn more about Monday's event featuring Lincoln. Hors d’Oeuvre Olivas Ascolana > Stuffed and Fried Olives San Daniele Prosciutto–Wrapped Grissini Arancini Marinated Sardines with Roasted Peppers Taschino with Roasted Squash and Salvatore Bklyn Ricotta Pairing: Bisol Crede Prosecco di Valdobbiadene 2009 Dinner Beet, Endive, Radicchio d

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Recipe: Tipsy Parson's Peanut Butter and Jelly Doughnuts

Tipsy Parson's Peanut Butter and Jelly Doughnuts A childhood favorite for generations, the perfect union of peanut butter and jelly is best left alone. But who says we can only let them meet between two slices of bread? Why not, say, in the middle of a warm, sugar-dusted doughnut? Pastry chef Mary Cancel of New York City’s Tipsy Parson has done just that with this ingenious recipe. Whether you serve these gooey delights as a breakfast treat or as a finishing touch to a stick-to-your-ribs meal, you’ll be glad you let old PB&J shine outside of the lunchroom.

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The Bookshelf: Molly O'Neill's One Big Table

One Big TableAbout ten years ago, three-time James Beard Award winner and food writer Molly O’Neill embarked on a 500,000-mile journey across the United States to explore our country’s culinary landscape. After gathering thousands of recipes, she whittled the collection down to a choice six hundred, which went on to populate her latest tome, One Big Table. The cookbook paints a portrait of America’s food that’s just as diverse as its citizenry, proving that we don’t inhabit a melting pot, but a place where assorted culinary traditions co-exist and thrive. When O’Neill dropped by for yesterday’s Beard on Books, we asked her to share her thoughts on the culinary state of the union. In your book’s introduction, you write that when cooks felt conflicted about what recipe to submit to you, you would ask, “Which

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