Shut Up, Foodies: Spotted!

First use of artisanal. -Snacktime

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Marcia "The Tablehopper" Gagliardi: SF Love

I figured I should start with some SF loyalty—here's Gayle Pirie of Foreign Cinema getting ready for the chef reception, while John Clark is upstairs coordinating at the dinner. (They are here thanks to Judy Rodgers of Zuni, a former Outstanding Chef Award winner). Couscous with cured wild-caught SF sardines and avocado chutney is what's on the menu.

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Apron Anxiety: A Michael White Exclusive

Michael White admits to—rarely—eating Cheetos and a Dr Pepper (or Mountain Dew) as his token go-to junk food. "But only when my wife isn't looking...she's Italian and doesn't like that stuff." He also says he's a rare breed: a tamed chef. "I usually go right home to my wife after work...those stereotypical chef days are long behind me!"

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Carol Blymire: Red Carpet Almost Ready

There is some serious vacuuming going on outside and some amazing smells inside.

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Carol Blymire: Why, Thank You!

The good people at Mercedes Benz (a JBFA sponsor) are showcasing this 2011 SLS AMG in the welcome reception area.  And, you know what else? Because they love me so much, they're letting me take it home tonight!!  (no they're not) (meanies) (they should, though, right?) (I could totally turn that thing into a bad ass traveling foodmobile.)

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Carol Blymire: Dry Ice Extravaganza

James Kent and the cool cats from Eleven Madison Park are working with Caviar Malossol at the welcome reception here in the lobby just after the red carpet.  Wish you all could be here to smell what I'm smelling.  Kevin Binkley from Arizona is putting the finishing touches on a bacon-leek-tomato-scallop soup, and Eric Klein from the Spago outpost in Vegas is doing rice cakes with fish and cucumber salad. I love watching these guys work.

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Carol Blymire: It's Killing Me Not to Peek

Because I’m a former political speechwriter, I’m geeking out backstage before the awards begin… watching them edit TelePrompTer copy, listening to Jean-Georges Vongerichten run his lines for the award he’ll be announcing, and staring at the medals and the envelopes containing the winners’ names.

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Awards Watch: Live from Lincoln Center!

Our favorite culinary stars are arriving on the red carpet, tonight’s featured chefs are setting up for the reception, and our team of guest bloggers is gearing up for the festivities. Once again, we’d like to introduce tonight’s guest bloggers who’ll be reporting, eating, and rubbing elbows with all the fabulous food folk: Just like years past, the team at Savory Cities will be joining Jennifer Leuzzi of Snack on the red carpet. Jennifer, a veteran of the JBF Awards, will also be checking in to share her unique perspective throughout the night. Carol Blymire: She tackled the French Laundry Cookbook and is now making her way through the avant garde recipes of Alinea at Alinea at Home. Marcia Gagliardi: Flying in from San Francisco, the author of the e-column tablehopper reviews restaurants and bars i

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Awards Watch: Media & Book Awards, in Photos

While we wait for things to get going at Lincoln Center, here are some photos from last night's Media & Book Awards at Espace: (Photos by Kent Miller)

JBF President Susan Ungaro poses for a photo with Kelly Choi, Andrew Zimmern, and friends

A row of reception cocktails

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