On the Menu: Week of September 21


Here’s what’s coming up at the James Beard House and around the country:


Monday, September 21, 7:00 P.M.
Grand Wine, Grand Feast
From manning the stoves at the acclaimed Ryland Inn to a gig overseeing JBF Award winner Jonathan Waxman’s growing restaurant empire, chef Anthony Bucco has serious kitchen cred. Now at the helm of Restaurant Latour at the elegant Crystal Springs Resort, he creates sumptuous menus that stand up to the resort’s unparalleled 135,000-bottle wine cellar.


Thursday, September 24, 7:00 P.M. 
Boulder Bounty
After reigning supreme on Top Chef Season 5, Hosea Rosenberg made an indelible mark on Boulder’s food scene with his Blackbelly concept. Join us as he brings facets of his farm, restaurant, marketplace, and butcher shop to the Beard House for a dining experience... Read more >

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Q&A with 2015 JBF Food Conference Speaker and Pastry Chef Erika Dupree Cline


For more than 20 years, celebrated pastry chef Erika Cline has been crafting some of the country’s most scrumptious desserts and chocolates. In 2008 she created a nonprofit organization called Culinary Wonders USA, whose mission is to introduce, share, and cultivate the culinary arts with minorities. As its president, Cline helps to lead CWUSA’s mentoring, scholarship, and volunteering efforts. We're thrilled that Erika will be joining us as a speaker at our upcoming JBF Food Conference and preparing the dessert for the JBF Leadership Awards. Read on to learn about her thoughts on diversity in culinary education, her latest pastry passion, and more.




JBF: You’ve worked extensively with Culinary Wonders USA and the Minority Chef Summit. Please tell us a bit more about these organizations and what they mean to you.... Read more >

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Sustainability Matters: September 18, 2015


Fast food as economic equalizer: a new study shows that wealthier kids eat just as much junk food as their less well-off peers. [MUNCHIES


The Nordic berry market is exploding in Eastern Asia, with complex consequences for the labor harvesting them. [NPR


New research reveals the amount of fish in the ocean has declined by half since 1970, pushing us perilously close to a population collapse. [Reuters


The USDA and EPA have partnered to announce the f... Read more >

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8 Fall Food Trends at the Beard House


The kitchen at James Beard’s historic townhouse in New York City is host to dozens of chefs from all over the country each month, making it one of the best places to experience a snapshot of what’s happening right now in American restaurants. Here are a few noteworthy trends we’ve spotted popping up on menus for our September and October dinners.  


1. Deli Fare

In 2014, the New York Times declared that we're living in the Golden Age of Jewish–American deli food. More recently, you may have noticed ambitious chefs around the country drawing from their ancestral roots to cater to modern tastes. In addition to Todd Ginsberg’s inventively appetizing menu on September 26, we’re noticing traditional deli tastes integrated into modern... Read more >

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Letter from the President: James Beard Across the U.S.A.


By the time you read this, we’ll be in the final stretch of summer. This is the time of year when our offices are buzzing with excitement about our fall lineup of programs and events. And at home, my family is still enjoying an abundance of zucchini and the great Jersey tomatoes from my husband Colin’s vegetable garden. (See this easy and delicious James Beard recipe, below. I use refrigerated biscuit dough.)


Our director of house programming, Izabela Wojcik, has planned some wonderful Beard House dinners. And more than 20 great dinners will be happening all across America as part of our Celebrity Chef Tour and Friends of James Beard Benefit events.


We’re also about to embark on our third annual JBF Taste America program, which will bring us to ten cities throughout the f... Read more >

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Throwback Thursday: A Taste of Justice at the Beard House


The Beard House kitchen has played host to a panoply of culinary titans over the years, but on very rare occasions a guest upstairs will rival the star power cooking below. This Throwback Thursday, we’re looking back on one such evening, this past July 15, when Sonia Sotomayor, associate justice of the United States Supreme Court (and longtime JBF member) joined us in the dining room, only a few short weeks after the groundbreaking ruling which legalized gay marriage across the country. JBF Award winner Ted Allen and his husband Barry Rice were also on hand that night, and Allen noted the breadth of James Beard’s legacy on display that evening: “We were shocked and delighted, two weeks after the marriage equality ruling, that not only was Justice Sotomayor attending the Ristorante Rafele dinner at the Beard House—she was seated at our table. We enjoyed a whole evening—and a delicious dinner—with her. And when I thanked her for Obergefell... Read more >

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What We're Reading: September 17, 2015


Do you really need to pony up for pricey chocolate chips? [Food52


Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the fight over soda. [Nasdaq


Are today’s crops less nutritious than those our ancestors tilled? [NYT


Take a sip of the season with this fall-inspired cocktail. [Serious Eats


Two small policy changes regarding school food a... Read more >

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Eye Candy: Decadent Deviled Quail Eggs at Expo Milano


On any given day at Expo Milano, the first-ever food-focused world's fair that's been open in Milan since May, visitors can experience a veritable buffet of international cuisine, state-of-the-art technology and design, and delectable food-themed programming. Modeled after our own James Beard House in New York City, the USA Pavilion–affiliated James Beard American Restaurant pop-up at Expo Milano features different award-winning guest chefs every week.
 ... Read more >

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Q&A with JBF Taste America All-Star Art Smith


We’re about to kick off the James Beard Foundation’s Taste America®​ national tour, traveling from coast to coast to savor and sample the best of the country’s cuisine. It seems only fitting that JBF Award winner Art Smith is one of this year’s All-Star chefs, as his restaurants encompass various aspects of American cooking from the California-infused LYFE Kitchens to the down-home comfort fare of Table Fifty-Two. Smith will whip up a feast at our Taste America: Charleston stop alongside fellow Beard Award winner Mike Lata and a roster of other local talent. In anticipation of his dinner we caught up with the culinary icon to find out his recommendations for his hometown of Chicago, what he’s dying to eat in Charleston, and where the globe-trotting... Read more >

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What We're Reading: September 16, 2015


The story of an unconventional dumpling in an unexpected place. [Saveur


JBF Award winner Tom Colicchio's inclusion of a service charge at his restaurant, Craft, sparks a conversation about the future of restaurant dining. [Eater


California winemakers in trouble: how wildfires are heating things up in Napa Valley. [Forbes


Another food market's opening in downtown Manhattan; here's why you should keep your eyes on the South Street Seaport. [... Read more >

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