Throwback Thursday: All-Star Chefs Inspire through JBF Taste America



The James Beard Foundation’s annual Taste America tour assembles an all-star panel of celebrity chefs to travel cross-country for unique dining events, cooking demonstrations, and artisanal tastings. This week’s Throwback Thursday highlights a video from JBF Taste America 2013, where some of the nation’s top toques collaborated on exclusive, one-night-only tasting menus, bringing their passions and talents to eager epicureans across the country. This year’s celebration will take place September 18 through November 7 with an inspiring all-star roster of gifted chefs, including JBF Award winners Art Smith in Charleston, April Bloomfield in New Orleans, Tony Mantuano in San Francisco, Hugh Acheson in Los Angeles, and more. Click here for more event information or to reserve tickets for Taste America 2015. As Emmy Award winner Carla Hall put it: “When I think of Taste America, I think of getting to know people through their food”—don’... Read more >

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What We're Reading: August 6, 2015


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Spicy food addicts might outlive us all. [NYT]


You’ll flip for these fluffy,... Read more >

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Expo Milano: Edward Lee, Low-Cost Stoves, and More

The USA Pavilion at Expo Milano


Expo Milano, the first-ever food-focused world's fair that's now open in Milan, is one of the planet's hottest tickets this year. At the USA Pavilion, which was produced by the James Beard Foundation and the International Culinary Center, award-winning chefs, top policy makers, and influential thought leaders swing through on a daily basis to present dining events and thought-provoking panels and demos. (Nancy Pelosi was one of the more recent bigwigs to visit the state-of-the-art site.) ... Read more >

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Ask the Chefs: Chris Newstrom and Brent Karlicek of Phoenix's Upward Projects


From scoop to slice and growler to glass, the Upward Projects restaurants seem to have an answer for Phoenix diners’ every hunger pang. On August 20, chef Chris Newstrom and beverage director Brent Karlicek will bring their culinary cornucopia to the Beard House for a sampling of the Southwest. Read on to hear how Ben Franklin fits into their equation and why embracing local food has become a fixture in their restaurants.




Who’s been your biggest inspiration?

CN: I've had too many inspirations throughout my career to pick just one. I would say that always pushing yourself and being surrounded by great people is the key to being inspired.


BK: Bob... Read more >

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What We're Reading: August 5, 2015


Rising egg prices are making brunch, restaurants’ surefire money-maker, not so over-easy. [Eater


Tomatoes may be part of the nightshade family, but are their leaves actually poisonous? [The Kitchn


Fight the heat wave with these spicy recipes. [Serious Eats


No mess, no stress: a fool-proof method of lining your baking pans with parchment paper. [... Read more >

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Fight Food Waste & Win Dinner at the Beard House!


Our latest kitchen mantra is: "Think before you toss!" If you share our interest in fighting food waste, we've got an incentive for you: show us how you reimagine lesser-used ingredients you might normally chuck in the trash or compost in delicious ways (think: beet greens pesto, shaved broccoli stalk salad, and other creative dishes), and you could win dinner for two at the Beard House! Here's how:

1. Follow @beardfoundation on Instagram


2. Post a photo of your favorite root-to-stalk or nose-to-tail dish and tag it with #jbfscraps

 ... Read more >

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Food Waste: By the Numbers


A recent report highlighted a staggering statistic: 40% of food in America is discarded. All of this uneaten food ends up rotting in landfills and increasing greenhouses gases. Our friends at Sustainable America created this infographic that demonstrates the magnitude of food waste in the United States. 


For more information, visit




We're focusing on solutions to fight food waste all month long! Get the full coverage here​​

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What We're Reading: August 4, 2015


The world’s first zero-waste brewery has opened in Japan. [Travel + Leisure


Those leftover tomato skins are just begging to be transformed into tomato salt. [Food52


Beat your summer hangover with some frozen hair-of-the-dog. [My Name is Yeh


The physics behind soggy cereal. [MUNCHIES


What does a human longevity expert cook for dinner? [... Read more >

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Eye Candy: Wagyu Short Ribs with Black Romesco, Duck Fat Potatoes, and Black Garlic


After launching Pubbelly, their first Miami gastropub, to critical acclaim, José Mendín, Sergio Navarro, and Andreas Schreiner went on to open a string of white-hot eateries that consistently rank high with diners and critics alike. And earlier this summer, we were able to experience their signature Latin, Asian, and French flavors when we welcomed the Pubbelly Boys, as they are fondly known, to the Beard House. A highlight of the night was their prime rib dish, featuring Wagyu beef short ribs with black romesco, duck fat potatoes, black garlic, horseradish, and radishes. With varying textures, a deeply satisfying richness, and vibrant flavor combinations, the dish has us clamoring to be a part of the Pubbelly crew ourselves.


View this event's menu and details ... Read more >

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Announcing Our 2015 JBF Food Conference: Rethinking the Future of Food


JBF will host the sixth annual James Beard Foundation Food Conference at the Convene Conference Center (730 Third Avenue) on October 19 and 20. This year’s theme, Rethinking the Future of Food, will bring together a diverse group of thought leaders and provocateurs including chefs, scientists, journalists, activists, investors, and more. Building on last year’s theme of prescriptions for a healthier America, the conference will look at what lies ahead in three compelling areas: the future of health, the future of the kitchen, and the future of the farm.


Over the course of two days, speakers and panelists will explore how a deeper understanding of changes in science, technology, and investment strategies empowers us all to make choices today that will lead to a healthier and more equitable tomorrow.


The agenda will consist of three categories: The Future of Health: Food, Flavor, and Innovatio... Read more >

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