Recipe: Crespelle with Red Wine Strawberries and Ricotta

Recipe for Crespelle with Red Wine Strawberries and Ricotta


Crespelle: it's how the Italians do crêpes. This version calls for "00 flour" (or doppio zero, as they say on the boot), a powder-fine flour that yields an exceptionally delicate pancake. We recommend splurging on a premium ricotta for the filling, and since it's full-on strawberry season right now, you should be able to get some fine fruit, too. Get the recipe here.



Anna Mowry is special projects manager at the James Beard Foundation. Find her on Twitter and Instagram.

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Throwback Thursday: David Burke's Edible Legacy


This Throwback Thursday, we’re indulging our nostalgic side with a photo of a young David Burke flaunting a whimsically designed plate of hors d’oeuvre in the Beard House kitchen. Over the years the JBF Award winner and world-renowned chef and restaurateur has made a name for himself through his creativity and culinary innovations with dishes like "pastrami salmon" and "cheesecake lollipops."  That zeal for experimentation forms the base for the David Burke Group, and has inspired members of Burke's team, such as pastry chef Zac Young, who will be participating in our upcoming Chefs & Champagne fête in the Hamptons. Young will be plying guests with monkey bread with peach caramel and whipped crème fraiche. Following in Burke’s footsteps, Young also has a flair... Read more >

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What We're Reading: June 25, 2015


Next time you’re eating a falafel sandwich, double check it’s not spying on you. [FWx]


Mass-producing pizza chain Papa John’s is spending a fortune to go all natural. [Grub Street]


Whole Foods may have been cheating New Yorkers this whole time. [NY Eater]


Inside the high-stakes world of restaurant foragers. [... Read more >

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Expo Milano: Join the Great American Chefs Rally

The USA Pavilion at Expo Milano


Calling all chefs: are you interested in participating in the USA Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015, the largest global gathering about food in history? The pavilion's theme is American Food 2.0, and since chefs have had a large part in shaping the (r)evolution of food in America, we're giving them a special place in the festivities.


If you're a chef who would like to join us for this once-in-a-lifetime occasion, be sure to mark your calendars for the Great American Chef Rally at the USA Pavilion at Expo Milano on July 21 and 22. We're inviting chefs from across the country to meet us in Milan for a special day to celebrate their role in influencing American cuisine. The USA Pavilion teamed has programmed some exclusive events just for these attendees, such as:


• A private tour of the USA... Read more >

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Ask a Chef: Kyle McClelland


Dallas hot spot Proof + Pantry draws crowds with its eclectic cocktails and whimsical take on American cuisine, serving up inspired bites like bone marrow with onion marshmallows. Join us at the Beard House on Wednesday, July 22 as chef Kyle McClelland brings diners to the edge of our national culinary frontier through seasonal fare and innovative techniques. Read on to learn how this creative-minded chef began his career and why Chinese food is his guilty pleasure.




What is your inspiration behind the menu for this Beard House event?

I designed this menu based on my years of cooking. There are pieces from all the restaurant and places I have worked at, and my menu is a reflec... Read more >

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What We're Reading: June 24, 2015


Not content to simply ply us with meatballs, IKEA has sweetened the deal with in-store candy shops. [Yahoo! Food


Real men drink rosé. [MUNCHIES


Don’t pigeonhole coconut amines as purely paleo fare. [The Kitchn


A look into the troubling relationship between the food industry and the American Society for Nutrition. [... Read more >

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Kid-Friendly Food Everyone Will Want to Eat


In theory, we're not fans of kids' meals. In theory, we don't believe children should be allowed to fill their plates with only white food, or that one should have to transform broccoli and red pepper strips into artful renderings of scenes from the Lego movie in order to get one's children to eat vegetables. Food is food, right? We need to man up and stop serving our kids chicken nuggets shaped like Disney characters.


But, as anyone who is responsible for the feeding and watering of small humans at least three times a day knows, it can get a little exhausting. No matter how adventurous your kids are, some nights they just don't want to taste the parsley-flecked lamb stew or authentic Andalucian white gazpacho you made for dinner. Some nights they don't even wa... Read more >

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Jonathon Sawyer: Not a Sustainability Peer-Pressure-ist

Photo by Billy Delfs


Jonathon Sawyer is a toque of all trades. When he’s not in the kitchen at one of his five Cleveland-area hot spots, developing new varieties of his proprietary vinegars, writing a cookbook, or foraging, fermenting, and pickling at home, this year’s JBF Award winner for Best Chef: Great Lakes somehow finds the time to advocate for transparency and sustainability in the food system. In our continuing series on alumni from our JBF Chefs Boot Camp for Policy and Change initiative, we talked to Sawyer about opening Ohio’s first certified green restaurant, his ingredient-sourcing hierarchy, and what needs to change about the way we label our food.




JBF: You opened Ohio’s first restaurant that was certified by the Green Restaurant Association (GRA). Can you explain what some of those requirements are for that certification, and your own philoso... Read more >

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A Young Chef’s Tribute to Jean-Louis Palladin

Photo by Terese Loeb Kreuzer


The Jean-Louis Palladin Professional Work/Study grant is one of many scholarship programs offered by the James Beard Foundation. Established to further the mission and efforts of the Jean-Louis Palladin Foundation, the grant gives working chefs opportunities to learn alongside master artisans, producers, and fellow chefs, in pursuit of the same high standards for ingredients that characterized Palladin’s philosophy and personal cuisine.


The 2014 JLP grant recipient, Chris Snowberger, now chef de cuisine at Pier A Harbor House in New York City, spent his time at the Culinary Vegetable Institute in Milan, Ohio, a culinary retreat and learning center built by Farmer Lee Jones, a James Beard Foundation Award winner who also runs the Chef’s Garden. The culmination of Chris’s internship was a multi-course... Read more >

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What We're Reading: June 23, 2015


If you ever find yourself in the nearly inconceivable position of having leftover cake, take a chance and experiment with a few of these recipes. [CakeSpy


Can’t imagine breakfast without cereal? Fill your bowl with these lower-sugar varieties to give your day a healthy start. [Food Network


Middle Eastern pantry staples for falafel-fiends. [Serious Eats


JBF Award Winner Christina Tosi shares her hack for sous vide chicken sans fancy gadgets. [... Read more >

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