2015 JBF Leadership Awards Honoree: Don Bustos


A revered sustainable and organic farmer in his native New Mexico, Don Bustos, the co-director of American Friends Service Committee was honored at JBF’s sixth annual Leadership Awards ceremony held on October 19 at the Hearst Tower in New York City. Bustos continues his family’s commitment to young farmers through a series of training programs and also strives to include farmers of color in the national food movement. Referring to his dedication to family-farming, Bustos says, “Make yourselves healthy, make your communities healthy, and other people will replicate it.” Watch the video above to learn about his legacy and impact.


Read Don Bustos’s full ... Read more >

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Throwback Thursday: Working Together to Improve School Food with Shelburne Farms and JBF Chefs Boot Camp for Policy and Change

Photo by Vera Chang


By David Hugo, Chef at Shelburne Farms


Last month, Shelburne Farms hosted the James Beard Foundation’s eighth Chefs Boot Camp for Policy and Change, a three-day intensive training for chefs in policy and advocacy. A partnership with the Chef Action Network (CAN), JBF Chefs Boot Camps leverage prominent chefs as change-makers on food issues. It’s a mission in step with our work here at the Farm. Since boot camp, I’ve been reflecting on the synchronicities between our organizations, despite our differing roles within the food sector.


JBF celebrates, nurtures, and honors America's diverse culinary heritage through programs that educate and inspire. Like Shelburne Farms, which coaches... Read more >

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What We're Reading: October 22, 2015


A slice of nostalgia: a new book memorializes 100 of New York City's "last authentic pizzerias.” [FWF


Class up your Halloween with some candy-centric wine pairings. [Food52


Not as fishy as it sounds: try adding tonnato, the Italian tuna sauce, to some of your favorite dishes. [Serious Eats


China is destroying its fish-breeding wetlands to make way for electronics factories. [... Read more >

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Q&A with JBF Taste America All-Star Tony Mantuano


JBF Award winner Tony Mantuano is the king of the Italian dining scene in Chicago. His flagship Spiaggia has drawn Windy City locals, celebrities, musicians, and politicians alike for over 30 years for its innovative yet reverent take on Italian cuisine. On October 23 and 24, Mantuano is bringing his Midwestern mastery to the Bay Area for our Taste America: San Francisco weekend of culinary events, including a collaborative dinner with fellow JBF Award winner and Local Star Michael Tusk. We spoke with Mantuano before his trip west about the food trends he’s sick of, how his sourcing has changed over the years, and why we should all reconsider British cuisine.... Read more >

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Nora Pouillon: O.G. Locavore Chef and James Beard Devotee

How did the founder of the country’s very first organic-certified restaurant get her start? And what did James Beard have to do with it? 


Before farm-to-table, root-to-stalk, or nose-to-tail were foodie catchphrases, there was Nora Pouillon. Her acclaimed Washington, D.C. spot, Restaurant Nora, was the country’s first certified organic restaurant, the product of Pouillon’s tireless efforts working with local farmers who brought her whole animals and organic ingredients.


While she eschews some of today’s buzzwords (“Farm to table—what does that mean?” she says, “Even McDonald’s is farm to table”), Pouillon embraces her role as a pioneer in the culinary world. Earlier this month, Pouillon stopped by the Beard House for an installment of our Beard on Books series, where she discussed her her new book, My Organic Life.  She described how she used... Read more >

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What We're Reading: October 21, 2015


The secrets behind Thailand's coconut oil industry may have you go bananas. [NPR]


Hummus for peace: an Israeli cafe inspires people to talk it out over a bowl of the classic snack. [MUNCHIES]


Going nuts: the price for pine nuts continues to rise. [NYT]


Chefs divulge their late-night snacking habits, ranging from fancy pickles to Cool Ranch Doritos. [FWF]


Just in time for your jack o'lantern, we've got the answer to the pepitas vs... Read more >

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Video: JBF Taste America® All-Stars on Road Food


Luggage fees, security lines, pat downs—all of these pale in comparison to the real bane of travel: finding reasonable food in the barren wasteland of the airport terminal. Fortunately, our 2015 JBF Taste America All-Stars have some advice on how to stay well-traveled and well-fed. Watch the video above for tips on avoiding adding a rumbling stomach to your itinerary.


Get details about Taste America and buy tickets here. Follow the festivities on Twitter with #JBFTasteAmerica. You can also follow the adventures of #bittybeard, our portable homage to James Beard, as he travels around the country. 

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James Beard Foundation's Taste America® Preview: San Francisco


The James Beard Foundation’s Taste America® national epicurean tour continues this weekend with two days of star-studded events in San Francisco, featuring Taste America All-Star and JBF Award winner Tony Mantuano and Local Star Michael Tusk. Friday night kicks off with a tasting reception from some of San Francisco's finest, followed by an exclusive four-course dinner prepared by Mantuano and Tusk. On Saturday the action moves to Sur La Table for cooking demos and book signings from Mantuano and lauded chef Rocky Maselli.


For tickets and more information about the chefs and vendors appearing, check out jbftasteamerica.org. F... Read more >

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What We're Reading: October 20, 2015


New science suggests crustaceans have a similar neurology to vertebrates, potentially adding a new moral quandary to all those lobster rolls. [MUNCHIES


Dining solo: Opentable reports that reservations for one are on the rise. [NY Daily News


Oatmeal isn’t just for your morning porridge: ten ways to break those oats out of the bowl. [The Kitchn


State and federal regulators are con... Read more >

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Recipe: Goat Osso Buco with Pole Beans and Charred Tomato Chermoula


The 2015 JBF Food Conference will explore the future of food, from farm to kitchen to table. Featuring experts and thought leaders from across the industry, we'll examine how the choices we make and the steps we take today will impact what we eat, drink, and grow. In anticipation, we're talking to some of the men and women on the cutting edge of our collective food culture.


This recipe looks ahead to the food world of tomorrow, but we're betting you'll want to make it right away. Our 2015 JBF Leadership Awards chefs and husband-and-wife team Duskie Estes and John Stewart provide an exceptional osso buco variation made with goat, an animal whose grazing habits are gentle on the land. Get t... Read more >

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