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5 Dishes You Won't Want to Miss in April

Elena North-Kelly

March 19, 2019


Photo: The Strand House

Want to know what’s cooking in American restaurants right now? Just take a peek into the James Beard House kitchen, where dozens of chefs from all over the country come to cook each month. From Oysters with Compressed Watermelon and Ponzu (pictured above) to Stinging Nettle Tortellini with Lamb Belly Bacon and Brodo, here are 5 mouthwatering dishes to eat at the Beard House in April:

  • Scallop Crudo with Blood Orange, Lime Crema, Ancho Chile Powder, and Toasted Pumpkin Seeds on April 2
  • Stinging Nettle Tortellini with Lamb Belly Bacon and Brodo on April 3
  • Coconut Mousse with Strawberry Ragoût, Brown Sugar Sablé, Wild Strawberry, Coconut Powder, and Key Lime on April 4
  • Oysters with Compressed Watermelon, Ponzu, and Cucumber Mignonette on April 16
  • Beef Tenderloin with Cucumber, Sticky Rice, and Uni on April 24

To view all upcoming Beard House dinners and book your seat, check out our events calendar. 


Elena North-Kelly is director of content and communications at the James Beard Foundation. Find her on Twitter and Instagram.