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A Decadent, Guilt-Free Way to Enjoy Seafood Stew

Maggie Borden

March 08, 2017


In the mood for a bowl of hearty seafood soup? Although your first inclination may be for New England clam chowder, remember that clams aren’t the only mollusks in town. This Lowcountry-inspired oyster stew from JBF Boot Camp alum Paul Fehribach pairs nutty benne (sub sesame seeds, if needed) with briny oysters in a broth enriched with cream and bacon. And while this dish is definitely decadent, it happens to weigh pretty lightly on the conscience. Oysters, like the rest of the bivalve family, are great examples of sustainable seafood. By buying a few of these aquaculture superheroes, you're supporting a sustainable industry, and helping the fishermen to continue growing species that both taste great and filter the water they live in, keeping the environment cleaner for all of the marine life around them. Get the recipe.

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Maggie Borden is associate editor at the James Beard Foundation. Find her on Instagram and Twitter.