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Awards Watch: 2014 Journalism Nominees

JBF Editors

JBF Editors

April 02, 2014


The 2014 James Beard Foundation Journalism Nominees

Want to check out our 2014 Journalism Award nominees, but don't know where to start? We've done the hard work for you and compiled links to all of the stories that are up for medals. Now have at it!

The 2014 James Beard Awards will be held in New York City in May. The Book, Broadcast, and Journalism Awards ceremony will take place at Gotham Hall on Friday, May 2, with the James Beard Awards Gala to follow on Monday, May 5, at Lincoln Center's David H. Koch Theater. Tickets to the main gala are now on sale, while the Book, Broadcast, and Journalism Awards ceremony is by invitation only.


Cooking, Recipes, or Instruction

Scott Mowbray and Ann Taylor Pittman
Cooking Light
“7 Simple Ways to Become a Better Cook”

Andy Ricker
“The Star of Siam”

Various Editors
Bon Appétit
“How to Cook Right Now”

How to Pan-Roast Like a Professional Chef 

25 Ways to Make Your Grill Chicken Better

How to Use Fresh Herbs, from Chervil and Chives to Mint and Tarragon

Food and Culture 

John Birdsall
Lucky Peach
America, Your Food Is So Gay

Lauren Collins
The New Yorker

Corby Kummer 
“Can Starbucks Do for the Croissant What it Did for Coffee?” 

Food and Travel

Greg Larson
Lucky Peach
“Traveling in the North Country”

Nick Paumgarten
Bon Appétit
“Lunch at 8,500 Ft.”

Gary Shteyngart
Travel + Leisure
“Maximum Bombay”

Food Coverage in a General-Interest Publication 

San Francisco Chronicle
“Food & Wine” Section
Michael Bauer, Jon Bonné, and Miriam Morgan

The Wall Street Journal
“Off Duty” Section
Beth Kracklauer

“Taste” Section
Todd Kliman and Ann Limpert

Food Politics, Policy, and the Environment 

Maryn McKenna
Food & Environment Reporting Network and Medium 
Imagining the Post-Antibiotics Future

Eli Saslow
The Washington Post
“Food Stamps”

Hard Work: A Florida Republican Pushing to Overhaul the Food System...

Too Much of Too Little

Waiting for the 8th

Craig Welch
The Seattle Times
“Sea Change: The Pacific's Perilous Turn”

Food-Related Columns

Tamar Haspel
The Washington Post

Genetically Modified Foods: What is and isn't True?

Where Supporters and Opponents Agree on GMOs

Antibiotics on Farms: Can Curbing Their Use Also Curb Resistant Infections in Humans?

Kristen Miglore
Genius Recipes

Yotam Ottolenghi & Sami Tamimi's Basic Hummus

Barbara Lynch's Spicy Tomato Soup

Barbara Kafka's Marinated Eggplant

Adam Sachs
Bon Appétit
The Obsessivore

Noma Chef Rene Redzepi, a.k.a. The Vegetable Butcher Meets The Obessivore

Hotel Bars Are an Institution From Cairo to Japan to New York

The Importance of a Proper Family Meal 

Group Food Blog

The Braiser

Eater National 

First We Feast

Health and Well-Being

Elizabeth Gunnison Dunn 
The Wall Street Journal
“This is Not a Carbonara”

Sidney Fry, MS, RD
Cooking Light

Rachael Moeller Gorman
“The Whole-Grain, Reduced-Fat, Zero-Calorie, High-Fiber, Lightly Sweetened Truth about Food Labels”


Ira Chute
Dark Rye
A Vision of Post-Apocalyptic Cuisine: Frankenchicken

Lisa Hanawalt
Lucky Peach
“On the Trail with Wylie”

Monica Hesse
The Washington Post
“Gwyneth Paltrow: We Love to Hate Her, But We’ll Buy Her Cookbook Anyway”

Individual Food Blog

Food for the Thoughtless
Michael Procopio

Homesick Texan
Lisa Fain

Poor Man's Feast
Elissa Altman

Personal Essay

Fuchsia Dunlop
Lucky Peach
“Dick Soup”

Elizabeth Gilbert
“Don't Mess with Perfect”

Gabrielle Hamilton
Bon Appétit
“Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?”


Alex Halberstadt
The New York Times Magazine
“The Transformational Power of the Right Spice”

Francis Lam
Lucky Peach
“A Day on Long Island with Alex Lee”

Peter Meehan
Lucky Peach
“Life, and How It Happens to a Cook”

Visual Storytelling

Jeff Allen, Jonathan Boncek, Andrew Cebulka, Langdon Clay, Tim Hussey, Allston McCrady, and Susan Puckett
The Local Palate
“Dinin’ Down in the Delta,” “Ferm Belief,” “Fire It Up”

Chris Higdon, Jessie Kriech-Higdon, and Jen White
Spenser Magazine
“Controlled Burn,” “Lead Us Into Temptation,” “The South's Sweet Elixir”

James Maikowski, Patricia Sanchez, Stephen Scoble, and Fredika Stjärne
Food & Wine
“Best New Chef All Stars,” “Oysters & Gumbo: A Chef's New Orleans Party,” “Vegetables Now”

Wine, Spirits, and Other Beverages

Ray Isle
Food & Wine
“The Battle for America's Oldest Vines”

Josh Ozersky
The Wall Street Journal
“Bourbon Mania!”

Besha Rodell
“40 Ounces to Freedom”

Craig Claiborne Distinguished Restaurant Review Award 

Alison Cook
Houston Chronicle
“Corkscrew BBQ a New Houston Classic,” “The Cosmic Soup of Pho Hung,” “The Pass Unleashes Plates of Playfulness”

Alan Richman
“Alan Richman Walks Into a Jewish Deli...,” “The Elm: Is Brooklyn Ready for Sophisticated Dining?,” “ZZ's, the Most Expensive 58 Minutes in New York Dining”

Besha Rodell
L.A. Weekly
“Black Hogg Down,” “Outback Steakhouse Review: Please Don't Call This Food Australian,” “Sqirl Review: Jessica Koslow's Tiny Restaurant Is Serving Some of the Best Food in L.A.”

MFK Fisher Distinguished Writing Award 

Francis Lam
Bon Appétit
“Improves with Age”

Guy Martin
Garden & Gun
“A Tale of Two Kitchens

John Jeremiah Sullivan
Lucky Peach
“I Placed a Jar in Tennessee”