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Eat This Word: Bottarga

Nicholas Teodoro

May 08, 2017


WHAT? While many people associate the delicacy of salted, dried roe with Italy, bottarga is actually produced by many countries around the world. Most commonly, the roe comes from grey mullet, although yellowfin tuna is occasionally used. Preparations vary, but traditionally it is compressed into a block and shaved over pasta dishes, or on crostini with olive oil and lemon. Sicilians and Sardinians are so fiercely passionate about their bottarga they have gone so far as to have it designated as a traditional food product (prodotto agroalimentare tradizionale), which serves to specify the precise region where the bottarga originated. Whatever the preparation, the inclusion of this prized ingredient gives a distinctly Mediterranean feeling to any dish.  

WHERE? D.C. Power Spot

WHEN? May 10, 2017

HOW? Grilled Local Asparagus with Air-Cured Beef, Bottarga, and Almond Oil

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