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Eat This Word: Ciabatta

JBF Editors

July 13, 2016


WHAT? Bread for wearing around the house. Italian for "slipper," the word ciabatta is more familiar to Americans as the name of a light, crusty, flat, oblong white Italian bread. According to Felice Ramella, a professional baker and author of The Perfect Loaf: Theories, Techniques, and Formulas for Artisan Bakers, ciabatta is distinguished from other crusty white breads because of the high water content of the dough. Known as "hydration," this high water content produces a characteristic open-hole structure and glossy crumb on the inside, while a very hot oven produces a thin, crisp crust on the outside. The high level of hydration also makes shaping the dough into its characteristic "slipper" shape easier.

WHERE? Bastille Day Meets New Orleans at the Beard House

WHEN? Thursday, July 14, 2016

HOW? Petites Ratatouilles Provençales with Poached Quail Eggs and Ciabatta Crostini