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Eat This Word: Piri Piri

JBF Editors

May 02, 2017


WHAT? Peripatetic peppers. According to Jean Anderson's The Food of Portugal, "the Portuguese can't get enough of [these incendiary peppers] so they keep bottles of Molho de Piri piri (a sauce similar to Tabasco) on the table alongside salt and pepper, then sprinkle this liquid fire over virtually everything—French fries, steamed greens, shellfish." The word piri piri comes from the Swahili for "pepper pepper," and their path to Portugal was circuitous. In an article about the pepper, explained that Christopher Columbus brought the seeds back from the New World. Portuguese traders took them to their African colonies, where they spread faster than molten chocolate cakes on Manhattan menus. Eventually, a taste for the hot stuff migrated back to Portugal from Angola.

WHERE? Hip Gastropub

WHEN? May 06, 2017

HOW? Dry-Aged Malaysian-Style Hudson Valley Duck with Poor Man’s Rice, Duck Jus, Piri-Piri Sauce, and Pickles