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Eat this Word: Yuzu

JBF Editors

March 30, 2017


WHAT? Chic citrus. Thought to be a hybrid of the sour mandarin and the Ichang lemon, yuzu is a golf ball–sized fruit with a thick bumpy rind that ranges from green to vibrant yellow depending on its ripeness. Although the fruit originated in China, the Japanese adopted this ambrosial gem as part of their traditional winter solstice yuzu-yu, a bath in which whole yuzu are wrapped in cheesecloth and floated in the hot water so the fruit's intoxicating aroma—with notes of lime, lemon, and grapefruit—rises to meet the bather. The ultra-tart yuzu is not usually eaten whole but is used as an accent in many traditional Asian dishes and has recently come into vogue in restaurants across the U.S. 

WHERE? Urban Luxe

WHEN? March 31, 2017

HOW? King Crab with Grapefruit and Yuzu

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