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How One Organization is Supporting Food Chain Workers

2019 Leadership Award honoree Pioneer Valley Workers' Center protects and empowers laborers

JBF Editors

May 10, 2019


Each year, the JBF Leadership Awards honor five individuals or organizations responsible for creating a healthier, safer, and more equitable and sustainable food world. Our 2019 recipients touch on all sectors of the food system, from farming to manufacturing to college campuses and cafeterias. Despite their disparate titles and roles, what unites these visionaries is their passion for creating more equity, opportunity, and innovation in each step of the journey from field to plate.

2019 Leadership Award honoree the Pioneer Valley Workers' Center (PVWC) is focused on empowering food chain workers in Western Massachussetts and beyond through the organization of grassroots campaigns. From securing wage theft protections, stopping deportations, to building new worker cooperatives, PVWC lays the groundwork to recruit and develop new leaders and build a multiracial working-class movement to dismantle the root causes of exploitation and oppression. Learn more about the organization's work in the video above.

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