2017 JBF Leadership Awards 

Dinner and Ceremony 
October 23, 2017
Hearst Tower, NYC

Co-hosted by Good Housekeeping

Master of Ceremonies Carla Hall

Menu Created by JBF Award Winner Steven Satterfield 
and the Natural Gourmet Institute 

Musical Performance by The Flying Fingers Jug Band


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Announcing the 2017 Leadership Award Recipients!

Dan Barber
Chef and Author
For his work in blending the dining and educational experience to reduce waste, improve food taste and sustainability, and promote a soil-to-table approach.

Olivier De Schutter
Co-chair, International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems and Former UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food
For his research and work in redesigning a sustainable food system on the local, national, and global level.

Joan Dye Gussow
Professor, Author, Food Policy Expert and Environmentalist
For her pioneering advocacy of sustainable, healthy food production and for her work as an author, educator, and food policy expert.

Joann Lo and Jose Oliva
Co-Directors, Food Chain Workers Alliance
For their dedication to improving the lives and communities of food system workers and their families. 

The Honorable Chellie Pingree
Member of Congress, Maine’s First Congressional District
For her support of national policies that promote healthy food, local and regional food systems, and organic agriculture.


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See our past Leadership Award recipients.


The JBF Leadership Awards spotlight the important and complex realms of sustainability, food access, and public health. We hope to raise awareness of these timely issues by celebrating the visionaries responsible for creating a healthier, safer, and more sustainable food world.

The Leadership Awards recognize specific outstanding initiatives as well as bodies of work and lifetime achievement. Excellence of work, innovation in approach, and scale of impact within a community or the nation were among the criteria used to select this year’s winners. Honorees are chosen by a cohort of past Leadership Award recipients.

Watch this video to learn more about the JBF Leadership Awards. See the James Beard Foundation's past Leadership Award recipients.



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