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How to Fight Winter with a Hearty Braise

Frank Guerriero

January 14, 2020


Photo and Food Styling: Judy Kim

After a few months of wild temperature swings and occasional flurries, “real winter” has finally arrived here in the Northeast. You know what that means—it’s time to load some seriously cozy recipes into your cold-weather supper arsenal. Among our favorite soups and stews, there’s one dish we insist on including: James Beard’s savory, satisfying chilied pot roast.

Our namesake started by stuffing whole garlic cloves into a chuck roast—they’ll help to season the beef from within while the braising liquid penetrates it from outside. After searing the meat off, he sautéed onions in the drippings and toasted chile powder, dried oregano, ground coriander, cumin, Tabasco, and black pepper in the fat. Beef broth and tomato sauce match the richness of the beef and spices, and the flavors all meld together in the oven until the roast is tender. James Beard advised that this hearty braise is most comforting when served over polenta or with tortillas and hominy, along with plenty of rich juices poured over top. Get the recipe and make it this weekend.

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Frank Guerriero is the media assistant at the Beard Foundation. Find him on Instagram.