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How to Make James Beard's Favorite Burger

Frank Guerriero

May 23, 2019


Photo and Food Styling: Judy Kim

With grilling season finally upon us, it’s time to elect a go-to burger recipe. We stand by James Beard’s version, which employs a highly seasoned patty, the canonically superior potato bun, and delicate summer produce to achieve barbecue bliss.

Start off by seasoning lean ground beef with salt and pepper, grated onion, and heavy cream, but be careful not to overwork the mixture into a meatloaf-like mass. Our namesake recommended searing 1 1/2–inch thick patties in a skillet, but these burgers hold up great on the grill, as well. Cooked to a rosy rare, plopped on a toasted bun, and topped with peak summer vegetables, it’s a no-frills classic that’s sure to please your backyard crowd. Get the recipe.

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Frank Guerriero is the media assistant at the Beard Foundation. Find him on Instagram.