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Join Us in Austin for SXSW

Emily Rothkrug

March 08, 2018


Follow the James Beard Foundation as we bring our Impact Programs to Austin for SXSW! From panels to programming, we’ll cover everything from food waste to sustainable seafood, and how to harness the power of chefs, consumers, and everyone in between to build a better food system. 

What: Taking Mass Extinction Off the Seafood Menu
Who: Katherine Miller (JBF), Sheila Bowman (Monterey Bay Aquarium), Renee Erickson (Sea Creatures Restaurants), and Amy Grondin (Duna Fisheries)
Where: JW Marriott, Salon C
When: March 12th, 11am to 12pm

Our senior director of policy and advocacy, Katherine Miller, will explore the powerful relationship between chef and fisherman, and the ways in which they can lean on one another to influence the ways we catch, serve, and consume seafood.

What: The Restaurant of the Future
Who: Mitchell Davis (JBF), Joy Crump (Foode), Arielle Johnson (MIT Media Lab), and Josh Kulp (Honey Butter Fried Chicken)
Where: JW Marriott, Salon AB
When: March 12th, 2pm to 3pm

Our executive vice president, Mitchell Davis, will moderate a panel that asks what the future of the restaurant industry looks like in the face of the rising costs of food, labor, and rent. 

What: Re-Imagining How America Can Reduce Food Waste
Who: Kris Moon (JBF), Anna Chai (Zero Point Zero Productions), Marco Canora (Hearth), and Danielle Nierenberg (Food Tank)
Where: JW Marriott, Salon C
When: March 13th, 5pm to 6pm

Our vice president, Kris Moon, will moderate a conversation on challenging the conventional notions of food waste, and exploring the ways in which we can turn bruised produce and scraps into dishes that are creative, innovative, and delicious.

What: Mesopotamia to Millennials: Beer & Food Connection
Who: Alison Tozzi Liu (JBF), Jake Maddux (The Brewer’s Table), Richard Martin (Food Republic), and Caroline Wallace (Trappist Beer Travels and Texas Craft Brewers Guild)
Where: JW Marriott Salon AB
When: March 14th, 3:30pm to 4:30pm

Our editorial director, Alison Tozzi Liu, will tackle the topic of waste reduction within the craft beer industry. 

JBF x The Farm Project x Feastly 

The James Beard Foundation will also host a series of events in town that highlight sustainability and equality in the kitchen and beyond. Stay tuned to @beardfoundation on Twitter and Instagram for more! 

Learn more about JBF Impact programs.


Emily Rothkrug is an Impact Programs associate at the James Beard Foundation. Find her on Twitter and Instagram.

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