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Recipes: No-Waste Recipes for Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond

Maggie Borden

June 27, 2016


Our food waste–fighting Instagram campaign wraps up on July 8 (so you still have a little time left to post your dishes and enter to win a copy of Steven Satterfield’s Root to Leaf), but a quick spin around the web shows that there are plenty of recipes to take you through the rest of the summer and beyond. We’ve collected a few of our waste-not favorites to keep you cooking for the next few weeks.

Stuart Brioza's Mushrooms in Pickle-Brine Butter

Left with a pool of brine when you’ve made it through the pickle jar? Don’t limit yourself to cocktails: JBF Award winner Stuart Brioza infuses butter with the brine and throws mushrooms in the mix, yielding a side dish packed with umami and just a hint of acid, salt, and spice. [Food52]

Chicken Liver Pâté with Sage, Apple, and Thyme

The staff at the Kitchn swears by this recipe for an easy holiday appetizer, which transforms offal into an unctuous, herb-laced spread just dying to be smeared on a baguette. [The Kitchn]

Blue Hill's Whey Punch

An unfortunate side effect of our nation’s infatuation with Greek yogurt is a growing tide of unused whey, the liquid remaining when yogurt is strained and thickened. Fortunately, JBF Award winner Dan Barber’s Blue Hill turns this problem into a potent potable, incorporating the whey into a tea-infused punch. [Food52]

Vegetable Noodle Salad

This intercontinental cold noodle salad jumps from Italy to Asia as leftover linguini becomes the base for raw julienned vegetables and an addictive sesame–peanut sauce. [Food Network]

Parm Broth

Cheese is the gift that keeps on giving. Store your leftover Parmesan rinds in the fridge or freezer, then bust them out for a rainy day broth-making session. The rinds add a punch of earthy, nutty richness to this versatile cooking base. [Bon Appétit]

No-Waste Tacos de Carnitas with Salsa Verde

Trust JBF Award winner J. Kenji López-Alt to break reducing waste down to a science. Not only does this recipe make carnitas feasible for the home cook, the pork’s delicious cooking liquid is used as the base for the salsa served alongside it. [Serious Eats]

Share your food waste–fueled dishes on Instagram with our hashtag #jbfnofoodwaste and you could score a free copy of Steven Satterfield’s Root to LeafLearn more about the contest and how to enter.