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Taste America Chefs on How to Be a Good Guest

Maggie Borden

August 08, 2017


Any experienced traveler knows you don't show up at someone's house empty-handed. We asked our 2017 Taste America All-Stars and Local Stars to dish on what they bring their hosts to show their gratitude, and to share a taste of home.


Local Star and JBF Award Winner Tyson Cole, Taste America: Austin
Salsa, a Yeti mug, or a Franklin BBQ t-shirt.

All-Star and JBF Award Winner Traci Des Jardins, Taste America: Phoenix
Coffee, chocolate, or tequila (not from my city, but it's a passion of mine, and I generally have something available that people haven't tried).

Local Star and JBF Award Winner Nicole Krasinski, Taste America: San Francisco
Petel scarves or bags—they're made here in San Francisco from amazing hand-woven African textiles.

All-Star and JBF Award Winner Tony Mantuano, Taste America: Kansas City
Vino and our private-label Spiaggia olive oil.

All-Star and JBF Award Winner Barbara Lynch, Taste America: Los Angeles
I love to paint and will sometimes create a small painting at home to bring as a host(ess) gift. More often than not, though, I'm traveling with art supplies and will draw or paint while I'm there to give my friend a memento of the visit.


Local Star and JBF Award Winner Stuart Brioza, Taste America: San Francisco
MMclay Ceramics handmake beautiful and functional plateware in San Francisco. We use them at the Progress and they make a great gift for anyone.


Local Star and JBF Award Winner Stephanie Izard, Taste America: Chicago
Beer! My husband brewed a beer with Drew Fox of 18th Street Brewery! It's called Fox & the Goat, and it's the perfect gift!

All-Star and JBF Award Winner Daniel Boulud, Taste America: Boston
I like to bring French charcuterie, as we have a beautiful selection in our Bar Boulud restaurant.

All-Star and JBF Award Winner Hugh Acheson, Taste America: San Francisco
I don't tend to bring anything in particular, but I probably should start doing that!

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