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The Most Comforting Way to Cook Fish This Winter

Maggie Borden

January 31, 2018


Photo: Alan Benson

Like many of us, JBF Award–winning author Nick Haddow usually sticks to simple, pared-down seasonings when it comes to cooking fish at home. This recipe for fish curry from the 2017 JBF Single Subject Book Award winner, Milk. Made., however, is his exception to the rule. Haddow explains that the dish, called doi maach in Bengal, is generally made with freshwater fish, but also works well enough with any firm-fleshed species that will stand up to a dousing of delicious sauce. After being portioned into pieces, the fillets are tucked into a flavorful yogurt-based marinade that serves double duty as the poaching liquid once the fish hits the pan. Packed to the brim with spices and just a touch of heat, this warming curry is a winter wonder that will have you breaking out of your seafood slump in no time. Get the recipe.

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