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Why the Spritz is More Versatile Than You Think

Frank Guerriero

January 17, 2020


Photo: Dylan + Jeni

The spritz may have ruled Summer 2019, but this Happy Hour, we want to remind you that this class of Italian cocktails has variations fit for every season. In fact, since the majority of these aperitivi feature some sort of citrus, they’re right at home in the winter months. New York City bartender Natasha David builds on this affinity in her recipe for a Tarocco Spritz, which was featured in Talia Baiocchi and Leslie Pariseau’s JBF Award–nominated book devoted to this family of bubbly pre-dinner beverages.

David’s recipe features a few Italian favorites, including Cappeletti, the vino aperitivo that’s finally found its way to American bars in recent years. This scarlet spirit’s deep aromatics, combined with the juniper in an ounce of gin and a touch of vanilla syrup, play up the drink’s wintery feel and pair nicely with a dose of lemon and blood orange juice. After shaking these components and pouring them over ice, David tops the drink with prosecco and a slice of tarocco, the “half-blood” Sicilian orange that garnishes spritzes across the Old Country. It’s the perfect way to make a case for year-round spritz parties, so get the recipe and make it this weekend.

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