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Why You Should Pay Attention to Indigenous Cuisine

2019 Leadership Award honoree Sean Sherman works to expand our definition of American food

JBF Editors

May 13, 2019


Each year, the JBF Leadership Awards honor five individuals or organizations responsible for creating a healthier, safer, and more equitable and sustainable food world. Our 2019 recipients touch on all sectors of the food system, from farming to manufacturing to college campuses and cafeterias. Despite their disparate titles and roles, what unites these visionaries is their passion for creating more equity, opportunity, and innovation in each step of the journey from field to plate.

2019 Leadership Award honoree Sean Sherman, Oglala Lakota, focuses on the revitalization and awareness of indigenous foods systems in a modern culinary context. As founder and CEO of the Sioux Chef and its affiliated nonprofit, NATIFS (North American Traditional Indigenous Food Systems), Sherman researchs traditional ingredients, techniques, and recipes, and provides training to indigenous chefs and food business owners. Learn more about his work in the video above.

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