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You'll Want to Pig Out with These Rolls

Maggie Borden

August 07, 2017


Take your lobster roll to a whole new level with this surf-and-turf spin from Michael Denk of Bar Boulud Boston. Denk's New York City–based compatriot, Alexander Burger, recently served up some French–inspired theater treats to Greens members, but Denk leans on the Boot when he makes this luxe version of the crustacean classic. He adds a layer of meaty prosciutto to every bun, then tops the lobster off with shower of fresh herbs, grated radishes, and tangy capers and cornichons. Add this to the menu of your next summer soirée and you’re guaranteed to have happy guests—land-lubbers and beach bums alike. Get the recipe.

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Maggie Borden is associate editor at the James Beard Foundation. Find her on Instagram and Twitter.