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9 Chocolate Recipes for a Sweet and Savory Valentine's Day

Frank Guerriero

February 12, 2019


Photo: H Town Restaurant Group

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with a beloved S/O, a squad of single friends, or a devoted pet, there’s one flavor that you just can’t do without—chocolate. This Thursday, chef Gio Osso will treat Beard House diners to a feast choc-full (sorry) of cocoa-derived delights, but we’ve gathered a collection of treats both savory and sweet for you to whip up at home, too. So roll up your sleeves, put the bodega-bought ice cream back in the freezer, and make Cupid proud with these nine romantic recipes.


Photo: Keirnan Monaghan and Theo Vamvounakis

Duck with Mole Poblano [pictured at top]
Mole, the rich, complex Mexican staple sauce, is one of the best vehicles for chocolate in savory preparations. In this decadent recipe from JBF Award winner Hugo Ortega, Mexican chocolate, dried chiles, and warming spices are just a few of the 25 flavors draped over an ultra-tender confit duck leg.

Collard Green Tamales [pictured above]
Elizabeth Falkner could spend years exploring the versatility of collard greens. In this recipe, she turns them into edible tamale husks wrapped around an unconventional filling and topped with a smoky mole.


Photo: Francesco Tonelli

The Hooker
This frothy, aromatic cocktail named for bluesman John Lee Hooker uses chocolate bitters to wake up your palate before a rich Valentine’s Day meal.

Eleven Madison Park’s Chocolate Egg Cream [pictured above]
There’s neither egg nor cream—but plenty of chocolate—in this revival of the New York City soda fountain classic, brought to you by Eleven Madison Park’s revered Daniel Humm.


Photo and Food Styling: Yewande Komolafe

Sticky Chocolate Pudding Cake with Ice Cream [pictured above]
If you’re looking to flex your culinary muscles for a special someone this Valentine’s day, whipping up homemade sweet potato ice cream is a sure bet. Add in a gooey ring of chocolate cake and a swipe of caramel sauce, and this dessert—just like you—will be dressed to impress.

Dark Chocolate–Dipped Cinnamon Meringues 
Spread the love this Valentine’s Day by dropping these delicate Swiss meringues about the dessert table, or wrap them up for a thoughtful dinner party favor.

Chocolate–Caramel Tartlets with Fleur de Sel 
No dessert spread is complete without a sprinkle of high-quality sea salt. Get your savory–sweet fix with these morsels courtesy of chef Michael Reardon.

Crêpes Filled with Strawberries and Chocolate Sauce 
In this recipe, Butter’s Alex Guarnaschelli fills a delicate crêpe with gently dressed berries and laces them with a luscious chocolate sauce. Whip them up for a touch of Parisian flair this Valentine’s Day.

Butterscotch Pudding with Chocolate Stout–Poached Pears and Chantilly Cream 
A beer-focused Beard House dinner was the inspiration for this dish from pastry wizard Melissa Murphy. She reduces the cooking liquid from poached pears to coax the sweetness out of a hearty chocolate stout and round out a showstopping dessert.

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Frank Guerriero is the media assistant at the Beard Foundation. Find him on Instagram.