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It's Time to Sweeten Up Your Spritz

Frank Guerriero

August 16, 2019


blackberry spritz

Whether it’s due to brilliant marketing, a bit of spite, or a newfound American craving for all things piquant and fresh, the past few months have marked the summer of the Aperol spritz. You can’t scan a happy hour patio without spotting a few glasses of this distinctly hued aperitivo, but we think it’s time to branch out and enjoy a few of its Prosecco-topped cousins. This weekend, why not give this blackberry spritz from Brooklyn’s Evan Hanczor a try?

Aside from their gentle bitterness and refreshing bubbles, our favorite part of spritzes is that they’re absurdly easy to prepare. This one is as simple as combining ice, grapefruit juice, a spoon of blackberry jam, and a bit of unmistakably scarlet Campari in a wine glass. After a quick stir, just top it off with a splash of sparkling wine and enjoy. It may be our laziest Happy Hour beverage yet, and it’s certainly one of the most delicious. Get the recipe.

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Frank Guerriero is the media assistant at the Beard Foundation. Find him on Instagram.