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Recipe Roundup: Cocktails

Anya Hoffman

Anya Hoffman

May 24, 2012


Toast to warm-weather entertaining with one of these refreshing and decidedly grown-up cocktails from some of our favorite mixologists.

Inspired by the legendary sacrifice of a beautiful Oaxacan princess, this citrusy, Mezcal-based cocktail was created by Julian Cox of Rivera in L.A. The rim of chopped chapulines (grasshoppers) is strictly optional.

A touch of the famous bear's beloved orange marmalade rounds out this absinthe and rum cocktail from David Slape of New York City's PDT, which took home our inaugural Outstanding Bar Program award in 2012.

Chill your cocktail glasses ahead of time to keep this gin lovers' drink from 2012 Outstanding Bar Program nominee Bar Agricole cool and undiluted.

Hush and Wonder
This rum-based cocktail from the Violet Hour in Chicago features a Crème de Violette rinse, which gives the drink an elegant, floral undertone.