Clare Reichenbach
Chief Executive Officer

Mitchell Davis
Chief Strategy Officer

Jodi Waterman
Chief Financial Officer

Kris Moon
Chief Operating Officer

Tamar Copeland
Vice President of Development 

Siobhan Flaherty Haber
Vice President of Events

Alison Tozzi Liu
Vice President of Marketing, Communications, and Editorial

Katherine Miller
Vice President of Impact

Nancy Kull
Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer

Julie Marshall
Director of Fundraising Programs

Victoria Jordan Rodriguez
Director of Sponsor Relations

Nico Rodriguez
Director of Membership and Individual Giving

Elkhansaa Farhane
Operations Manager

Mel Mujovic
Reservations Manager

Brenda Mangru
Manager of Sponsor Relations

Malandra Hastick
Coordinator of Member/Donor Relations

Martina Camarda
Development and Membership Coordinator

Susana Yepes
Database Administrator 

Stacy Carroll
Director of Women's Programs

Colleen Vincent
Director of Culinary Community Initiatives

Sarah Drew
Impact Programs Manager

Ashley Kosiak
Impact Programs Manager

Emily Rothkrug
Impact Programs Manager

Megan Storms
Impact Coordinator

Patricia Loyola
Director of Finance

Sandra Matias
General Accounting Manager

Kimberly Bradley Osorio
Receivables Manager

Wolfgang Jorde
Finance Associate

Elena North-Kelly
Director of Content and Communications

Hilary Deutsch
Social Media Manager

Kate Dobday
Marketing Project Manager

Eden Kanowitz
Digital Marketing Manager

Maggie Schoenfarber
Content Manager

Jeff Black
Producer, Taste America Pop-Up Dinners

Claudia Karach
Director of House Events

Moira Sedgwick
Awards Director

Ellie Sher
Director of Special Events

Izabela Wojcik
Director of House Programming

Julie Weil
Special Events Associate

Debbie Holloway
House Programming Coordinator

Katrina Leung
Awards Coordinator

Adam Jaffe
General Manager

Jameeale Arzeno
Culinary Director 

Mirela Mujovic
Reservations Manager

Jose Lucio
Maître D’Hôtel

Behrim Mekuli
Service Captain

Brandon Belgrave
Day Kitchen Manager

Mark Brownlee, Jean Fenestral, Fatima Gomez, and Marcus Meyers

Juan Perez, Jose Rosario

Zeynep Jane Bozok, Benson Lau, Adam Lenart, Iris Monegro, Alija Mustajilasic, Joisdan Recio, Eliya Rodeh, Rose Rungue, Katrina Sawyer, and Monika Zastocka

Volunteer Programming Committee
Hidy Chang, Silvi Forrest, Lee Kowarski, Jourdan Ludwig, Wendi Royal, Moira Sedgwick, Jennifer Watson, and Rachel Waynberg

Volunteer Young Professionals Development Committee
Damira Bowles, Claire Colasacco, Kristen Frank, Lee Gonzalez, Heath Miller, Sara Pandolfi, Benjamin Robinson, Michael Schiller, Gary Schueller, Rebecca Stein, David Strauss, Julia Tang, and Anthony Thomas

Job Opportunities