Shut Up, Foodies: An Edible Car!

The Beard Awards are off the hook. -Snacktime

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Shut Up, Foodies: Braised Pig Means It's a Party

Tons of champagne glasses and the scent of braised pig! Let's get this party started! -Meatball

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Shut Up, Foodies: We're Here!

Meatball and I have had our first glass of champagne and all the other bloggers are staring at their screens. We're on our blackberries and feel less prepared. Also, people keep offering us food and looking offended when we say no. -Snacktime

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Shut Up, Foodies: Spotted!

First use of artisanal. -Snacktime

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Awards Watch: Experience Monday's Awards on Delights & Prejudices and Twitter

Can’t make it to Lincoln Center on Monday? You can still experience the thrill of the JBF Awards right here on Delights & Prejudices: we’ll be live-blogging all the festivities, as well as tweeting from @beardfoundation—and don’t forget to make your thoughts known by including #jbfa in your own tweets! Just like years past, we've invited the team at Savory Cities to conduct and film interviews on the red carpet. We’ve also assembled a fleet of guest bloggers who will report, eat, and rub elbows with all the fabulous food folk in attendance. Let us introduce them: Carol Blymire: With the French Laundry Cookbook already under her belt, Blymire is now making her way through the

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JBF Kitchen Cam