The 2021 scholarship application is now closed. 

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Scholarship News and Background

Established in 1991, the scholarship program assists aspiring and established culinary professionals who plan to further their education at a licensed or accredited culinary school or hospitality institution, college, or university. In the past 25 years, the program has not only grown in visibility and financial scope, but in the array of subjects its recipients have embraced. As of 2019, the Foundation will have awarded nearly $8 million in financial aid to over 2,000 recipients.

This year JBF will offer three basic types of Awards:

  • Scholarships: Cash grants applied to tuition (and sometimes other school-related expenses)
  • Tuition Waivers: Tuition waivers granted by educational institutions, which are renewable in some cases
  • Work Study Grants: Grants for working culinary professionals that cover expenses from programs offering experiential learning at farms, fisheries, wineries, and other venues of food production, under the auspices of the Jean-Louis Palladin Professional Work/Study program

International students may qualify for many, but not all, of our scholarships, and are encouraged to apply.

The program will reopen for applications in February 2022. 

Tuition Waiver Sponsors

JBF tuition waiver sponsors give the invaluable gift of education to aspiring culinarians around the country. None of this would be possible without the generosity of these sponsors, who have contributed tuition waivers to this year's program:

Email us for information on becoming a tuition waiver sponsor.

Work/Study Grants

The Jean-Louis Palladin Professional Work/Study Grant

Chef Jean-Louis Palladin is considered one of the culinary geniuses of the 20th century. He was a master of his craft, known for his creativity, passion, technique, and commitment to the very best. Jean-Louis was as much a teacher as a chef, encouraging and mentoring many while demanding perfection of himself and all around him. He was funny, laughed easily, and embraced life fully.

The James Beard Foundation is proud to offer the Jean-Louis Palladin Professional Work/Study Grant. Created to perpetuate the mission and programs of the Jean-Louis Palladin Foundation, the initiative will provide a series of annual grants of up to $4,000 to working chefs.

This grant will allow recipients to spend time learning from and working with master growers, producers, and food artisans; to toil alongside renowned chefs in America and abroad; and to study varied specialized skills. Learn more about the Jean-Louis Palladin Professional Work/Study Grant.

The 2021 JLP application is closed. Sign up to receive news and updates about the next JLP grant cycle via email.



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