Recipe: Our Labor Day Menu

Shrimp Labor Day: for many of us, it's the last hurrah of summer. We've got recipes that will help make the best of the long weekend. Mint Julep – The Kentucky Derby is long over, but JBF Award winners Matt Lee and Ted Lee's recipe for this classic Southern cocktail is a great way to cool off all summer. Vegetables a la Grecque – James Beard's solution to late summer's "bounty of glistening vegetables," this simple recipe can be made in advance. Barbecued Shrimp with Pineapple Chutney – Chutney adds an unexpected burst of flavor to this grilled seafood dish.

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Recipe: Hugo’s Texas BBQ Shrimp with Maytag Blue Cheese Slaw

ShrimpThis dish, from Michael and Wendy Jordan of Rosemary’s Restaurant in Las Vegas, is an old New Orleans recipe, named for the spicy, smoky nature of the sauce. The Jordans consider this version, served with blue cheese cole slaw, a signature dish. They make their own mayonnaise for the slaw; we saved ourselves a step and used a good store-bought brand, Hellmann’s, to which we added Maytag blue cheese.

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