On the Menu: NYC Dumpling Festival

Dumpling t-shirt Ready your forks and chopsticks: the New York City Dumpling Festival is rolling into the Lower East Side this Saturday for a celebration of stuffed and crimped dough. The day's program includes a dumpling eating competition (last year's winner gobbled 66 dumplings in two minutes) and games for little dumpling lovers. General admission is free, and a measly five dollars gets you a globe-spanning dumpling plate piled with potstickers, pierogi, and lesser-known ilk like the Malaysian kuih koci. Dumpling t-shirts (above) will also be available for $15, but we've got two to give away this afternoon. For a chance to win one of these special garments, tell us about your favorite dumpling joint in a comment. Simply declaring "I love dumplings!" is not an eligible response

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