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Watch archived footage from our 2014 JBF Food Conference: Health & Food: Is Better Food the Prescription for a Healthier America?  


The 2015 James Beard Foundation Food Conference
Rethinking the Future of Food


Welcome Reception:

Sunday, October 18, 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

The James Beard House

167 West 12th Street

New York City


October 19 & 20
Convene Conference Center
730 Third Avenue
New York City


Day 1 / Monday, October 19

            Susan Ungaro, President, The James Beard Foundation
Rethinking the Future: Our Journey to Today
            Karen Karp, President, Karp Resources
The Future We Can See: What the Earth is Telling Us
            Dr. Ellen Stofan, NASA
Our Choices, Our Future
            Rachel Laudan, University of Texas at Austin
The Future of Health: Food, Flavor, & Innovation
Session Introduction: A Doctor’s Prescription for Wellness
            Dr. Tim Harlan, Tulane University
A Chef’s Journey to Better School Food
            Chef Bill Telepan, Telepan; Wellness in the Schools
Flavor on the Frontlines of Health Education
            Moderator: Dr. Tim Harlan
            Marilee Jennings, Children’s Discovery Museum
            Dr. Geeta Maker-Clark, University of Chicago
Health or Hype? Dealing with Information Overload
            Moderator: Kim Severson, New York Times
            Gary Bennett, Duke University
            Ashley Koff, RD
            Jaclyn London, Good Housekeeping Research Institute
The Future of the Plate: Innovation in the Kitchen
Session Introduction: A Chef’s Forecast
            Chef Evan Hanczor, Egg
How Technology is Transforming the Way We Eat
            Moderator: Mitchell Davis, The James Beard Foundation
            Nathan Myhrvold, Modernist Cuisine
Cooking up Change In and Out of the Kitchen
            Moderator: Chef Evan Hanczor
            Pastry Chef Erika Dupree Cline, Graycliff Chocolatier; Minority Chef Summit
            Chef Peter Ho, IKEA
            Chef Bryant Terry, Author and MoAD Chef-in-Residence           
The Youth Factor: Report Card from the New School Kitchen
            Nancy Easton, Wellness in the Schools
            Stephanie Lip, FoodCorps Alumni

            Anne Williams, Wellness in the Schools


R&D Food Forecast
            Moderator: Rowan Jacobsen, Writer
            Chef James Corwell, New Harvest
            Leah Jones, Crickers
            Mike Lee, The Future Market
The CEO of the Future
            Moderator: Beth Kowitt, Fortune
            Denise Morrison, Campbell’s


Day 2 / Tuesday, October 20

           Emily Luchetti, The Cavalier, Marlowe, and Park Tavern Restaurants
Leadership Awards Review and Recap
            Chef Andrea Reusing, Lantern Restaurant
Chefs Advocate for Agriculture
            Chef José Andrés, ThinkFoodGroup
            Chef Andrea Reusing
Financing the Future
Financing the Future: Science, Technology, and the Next Great Opportunity
            Moderator: Danielle Gould, Food+Tech Connect
            Eileen Gordon Chiarello, Barnraiser
            Karen Washington, Farmer
The Future of the Farm: Science and Technology Outlook
Session Introduction: The Future of the Farm
            Allison Aubrey, NPR
From the Lab to the Field: Seeds of the Future
            Moderator: Allison Aubrey
            Michael Mazourek, Cornell University
            Howard Shapiro, Mars, Inc.
The Future is Good Dirt
            Moderator: Nicola Twilley
            Eliot Coleman, Farmer
            Jerry Glover, USAID
Sowing a Foundation for Thriving Crops and Communities
            Moderator: Danielle Nierenberg, Food Tank
            Don Bustos, Farmer
            Chef Duskie Estes, Zazu Restaurant + Farm

            Tyrone Thompson, FoodCorps Alumni     

What is the Future We Want to Create?
            Paola Antonelli, MOMA






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