Recipe: Salmon with Papaya Salad, Crispy Salmon Skin, and Nuoc Nam Sauce

Though spring is officially here, it may be awhile before the weather completely catches up with the calendar. Take a seasonal leap in the kitchen with this cuisine-spanning salmon dish, which features punchy papaya salad, panisse (a lightly fried chickpea flour cake from France’s Nice region), and nuoc nam (a pungent fish sauce used throughout Vietnam).

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Eye Candy: Twitter Cook-Off

Twitter Salmon Mise en Place The mise en place for a spice-crusted salmon recipe submitted to our Twitter Cook-Off. Check out more photos of the preparation and judging. August 21, 2009, The Beard House, NYC (Photo by Geoff Mottram)

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Recipe: Grilled Salmon with Summer Salad

SalmonThe recipe for this simple, flavorful, and healthy summer dinner comes from JBF Award winning book Weber's Big Book of Grilling by Jamie Purviance.

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