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America Cooks with Chefs: Episode Four

JBF Editors

JBF Editors

January 14, 2015


With stops in Chicago, Miami, and La Quinta, California in the books, America Cooks with Chefs now heads to Los Angeles for its fourth episode. In this seven-part cooking competition, contestants go behind the scenes at a James Beard Award–winning chef’s restaurant to learn tips, tricks, and advice for cooking more nutritious meals. The participants will also attend the 2015 Clinton Health Matters Initiative (CHMI) conference in California, where they will demonstrate their new skills in a live cooking challenge judged by a panel of celebrities.

In Los Angeles, contestant Vinita Williams pays a visit to legendary chef Mary Sue Milliken for a lesson in crafting exciting, healthy Mexican cuisine in the style of Milliken's acclaimed Border Grill restaurants. Vinita recently lost over 60 pounds, but the weight is slowly creeping back, forcing Vinita to rethink her diet. What's as healthy yet more exciting than her usual go-to of chicken and rice? Mary Sue steps in to show Vinita that Mexican cuisine can offer her plenty of tasty, low-calorie options, such as the charred chile relleno with salsa and hibiscus granita that they prepare in the above video.

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