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Apply for JBF's Jean-Louis Palladin Professional Work/Study Grant

Anna Mowry

Anna Mowry

June 05, 2012


You can study up on classic or cutting-edge technique all you want, but many chefs will attest that one of the most valuable aspects of cooking is an intimate knowledge of ingredients and the people who produce them.

To help bring cooks and producers closer together, each year we award our Jean-Louis Palladin Professional Work/Study Grant—named after the French chef whose dedication for mentorship matched his legendary talent—to qualified, professional chefs who are looking for hands-on experience with farmers or artisans. Candidates may apply for a pre-arranged internship (such as a stint at the Chef's Garden in Huron, Ohio, or an apprenticeship with a winemaker in France) or draft an original plan and curriculum.

Applications for this year's grant are due Friday, June 15. Click here to download the form.