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Ask a Chef: Where to Eat in Hong Kong

JBF Editors

JBF Editors

July 09, 2014


For our travel issue of JBF Notes, we asked top toques about their favorite international locales for culinary inspiration. Below, 2014 JBF Outstanding Pastry Chef award winner Dominique Ansel shares his picks for Hong Kong:


Lamma Island (photo by Andy Enero)


Taking a little ferry from Hong Kong to Lamma Island for seafood was an unforgettable experience. Something as simple as shrimp was so sweet and tender and worked perfectly with sliced fresh chiles and soy sauce. And don’t forget to try the mantis prawn, or “pissing shrimp,” which comes with a mountain of fried garlic.

Dim Sum

Whether you try one of the aged institutions like Lin Heung Tea House, choose a crowd favorite like Maxim’s City Hall, or go for the fine-dining Michelin star–rated dim sum in the Four Seasons’ Lung King Heen, I really believe that trying fresh-made dim sum can be such an inspiration. Every little bite is made with so much care, and you can have pieces you’ve never tried before. I had the most amazing turnip that was rolled in fried tofu skin and then rice flour.

High Tea

High tea in Hong Kong is a treat, and it features some of the most classic French and British desserts. The most sought-after seat is at the Peninsula, where you still get that old colonial feel from the palm trees and the string quartet.