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Cool Apps: JBF Editors Pick Their Favorite Food Apps and Sites

JBF Editors

JBF Editors

May 31, 2011


BF Editors Pick Their Favorite Food Apps and Sites

Yelp Monocle
We might not always count on the reviews, but the ability to hold up your phone to find out what restaurants are in the vicinity lets you weigh the best options based on where you are at that very moment.

Gourmet Live
Proving that you don’t need coated paper stock to offer exciting features and mouthwatering photography, Gourmet is getting a new life.

This app from NYC’s Mermaid Inn restaurant lets you read about all kinds of East and West Coast oysters and store
info about your favorites to reference each time you hit up the raw bar.

It’s not an app, but if you’re curious about a particular cooking technique, chances are you can find a video of someone demonstrating it. A few months ago we wanted to make handmade cavatelli, and we found a clip of a journalist making them with her Southern Italian grandmother.

This is great for saving recipes you find online. You can bring them up on your phone or iPad right there in the market or the kitchen.

This news reader lets us see what’s on all the food blogs with just a swipe of a finger.

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