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Daily Digest: March 20, 2014

Sunny Liu

Sunny Liu

March 20, 2014



A new study shows how your kids' sweet tooth may be rooted in an evolutionary advantage. [NPR]

It's not just coffee anymore: thousands of Starbucks store will soon include an evening menu that includes alcohol and light bites. [Chicago Tribune]

Want to rear and harvest your own edible bugs? There's a DIY kit for that. [Wired]

Once a custom-made food for macrobiotic eaters like John Lennon, the veggie burger is now mainstream. Here's how it achieved mass appeal. [Smithsonian

A new, color-changing food tag helps consumers detect food spoilage. [CBS News

The Obamas' pastry chef will soon leave the White House to work on a new kind of campaign: healthy eating. [NYT]