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Daily Digest: May 19, 2014

Kaitlin Hill

Kaitlin Hill

May 19, 2014


chocolate milk

As Connecticut discusses school beverage legislation, chocolate milk is caught in the crossfire. [Fox News]

The Gaza Strip is going organic, but some locals are resisting higher prices. [NPR]

The baumkuchen trail: how the "tree cake" traveled from Germany to Denver and elsewhere. [NPR]

Understanding gluten: a video tries to demystify these confusing proteins. [LAT

Why smoking meat is part of our "culinary DNA." [WP]

Red Lobster sells for $2.1 billion dollars. [Time]

University of Glasgow researchers prove fruit juice isn't always healthier than soda. [Time

Inspired by the battle against Big Tobacco, the World Obesity Federation wants the food industry to be regulated. [BBC]