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Food Reads: Cake Secrets + Kombucha Cocktails

Nicholas Teodoro

March 17, 2017


It sounds bizarre and seems unfeasible, but mayonnaise is the secret ingredient to the best chocolate cake you’ve ever had. [Food52

Rabbit is the elegant and earthy answer to every Francophile’s culinary cravings. [NYT

From its seasonally pastel color to its universal compatibility, rosé should be your wine of choice this Easter. [Food & Wine

On a cleanse and craving a boozy fix? Try these 3 kombucha cocktails. [Bon Appétit

Meet the knifesmith who’s resurrecting a dying craft. [Munchies

The world is divided into two types of people: Brussels sprouts loathers or lovers—but with these tips you can convert any hater. [HuffPo

How in the world does bouillon end up in a cube? [Lucky Peach

Forget spring cleaning, here are the cookbooks you need to add to your library as a reward for getting through the winter. [Eater