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Food Reads: America's Best Chocolate Shops + More

Nicholas Teodoro

February 17, 2017


Whether it’s for your sweetheart, your friend, or yourself, February is the month of chocolate. Here are some of the best shops around the country for satisfying your craving. [Eater

When it comes to pastry, don’t limit yourself to sweet: give this recipe for the savory Turkish borek a try. [NYT

We’ve all heard the expression, “aged like a fine bottle of wine,” but what is it about aging wine that improves it? [WaPo

Everyone loves a good baking hack, so here are five grandma-inspired tricks to make your confectionary life easier. [Food52

Tap into your inner Winnie the Pooh with these five types of honey. [Saveur

It may seem unbelievable, but Hong Kong’s first food truck has just opened. [CNN

We’re living in the wine generation, so drink up at one of these 19 great wine bars across the country. [Food & Wine

Learn how the constantly changing supermarket industry caused Whole Foods to downsize for the first time in a decade. [Grub Street