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Giveaway: illy Latte Art Contest Finalists



April 30, 2010


When we began this little contest we had no idea it would result in a battle: free pour fanatics v. etching affcionados. Our final five reflect both artistic styles and we think each is beautiful in its own way. But what we think doesn't really matter; it's what you love that will determine who can look forward to an illy machine in the mail. So take a look at the photographs below and vote for your favorite. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, May 4. Small Tulip Photo #1: Small Tulip by Jonathan Sinclair Morris 100_1062b Photo #2: Shawn1931 My cappuccino Photo #3: My cappuccino by thewanderingeater Coffee Photo #4: Coffee by KAS13 Erie Island Latte Photo #5: Erie Island Latte by Chef's Widow [poll id="11"]