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A Green Tea Toddy to the Rescue

Jim Meehan

Jim Meehan

October 13, 2016


Also known as popcorn tea for its aroma, genmaicha tea is a Japanese green tea mixed with roasted brown rice. It contains the same herbal notes of green tea, while taking on a golden hue and nutty aroma from the rice. In this cocktail, a grown-up toddy, the tea accentuates the peaty notes in the whisky, while the vodka helps mellow out the intensity of flavors. This drink is easily brewed just as you would for a normal tea service, creating the ultimate adult tea party. Combining the spirits while the tea steeps allows for the flavors to blend, as well as making service of this batch cocktail extremely simple. 

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Mixologist Jim Meehan, of the JBF Award–winning PDT, is drinks editor at Tasting Table.

This article originally appeared on Tasting Table